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Team Left Hand announces it has raised $3 million to crush Multiple Sclerosis

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May fundraisers planned at Left Hand Brewing Company to support the cause

(Longmont, CO) – Team Left Hand is proud to report over $3M in funds raised for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society through Bike MS in their mission to help others with the disease lead productive lives. Founded in 2008, Team Left Hand is a group of employees and friends dedicated to solving the riddle that is Multiple Sclerosis. Nearly 600 participants annually raise funds and collectively ride thousands of miles across Colorado, the Carolinas, Florida, Ohio, Texas and California. Funds raised fund research, advocate for change, and help people living with MS.

Led by Buy Viagra 25 mg in Atlanta Georgia, Team Left Hand includes 575 riders with 15 employees. “Our ultimate goal is to raise funds to help people lead better lives that are struggling with MS,” shares Chris Lennert, National Team Captain. “If we can leverage our brewery to do good in this world, we’re going to do it.”

In addition to the individual fundraising of Team Left Hand riders, Left Hand Brewing Company has two major fundraisers planned in May. Throughout May, $1 of every pilot beer sold in the Longmont Tasting Room will be donated to Team Left Hand. Left Hand is also hosting an online auction with all proceeds benefiting Team Left Hand. For more information visit the online auction website.

The Colorado team will participate for the 11th year of riding on June 23 and 24. “The leadership, support and collaboration provided by Team Left Hand continues to drive the team’s fundraising success. Team Left Hand is one of the National MS Society’s largest Bike MS fundraising teams because of dedicated and passionate individuals,” said Stacy Mulder, Vice President, Bike MS – National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

In addition to setting their fundraising goals high, Left Hand Brewing Company will be releasing Wheels Gose ‘Round, a lemon & raspberry gose. This crisp gose was brewed to raise awareness about Team Left Hand and Bike MS and will be available in June.

“For more than a decade our team has ridden hundreds of thousands of miles, volunteered tens of thousands of hours and raised millions of dollars thanks to the humbling efforts of the riders, sponsors, volunteers and employees,” said Sara Barfoot, Team Left Hand National Coordinator.

For more information on Team Left Hand visit:

Wheels Gose ‘Round


Lemon + Raspberry Gose

Crisp lemon and raspberry gose. 4.4% ABV 14 IBU

Keg, 6pk 12oz Cans

Foolproof Ocean State Lager arrives, benefiting URI aquaculture research

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(Pawtucket, RI) – Buy Viagra 25 mg in Baltimore Maryland unveiled a new light beer called Ocean State Lager that will be distributed throughout New England and New Jersey. Available in draft and 16-ounce cans, a portion of the beer’s Rhode Island sales profits will be donated to the University of Rhode Island to benefit student-led aquaculture and fisheries research in Rhode Island.

“We’ve been talking about putting out a light, affordable, and locally brewed lager for some time now,” said Nick Garrison, Foolproof’s president and founder. “It’s a great feeling to see Ocean State Lager finally come to fruition, particularly knowing that we’re giving something back to our home state and the local aquaculture community in the process.”

Draft and cans (suggested six-pack retail price of $8.99) of Ocean State Lager are now available for purchase in the following states – Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, with distribution in New Hampshire and possibly other markets starting in May. Dubbed “New England’s Next Great Lager,” the beer is brewed with a German yeast strain as well as American malts and hops.

Aquaculture, which is the cultivation of freshwater and saltwater aquatic organisms under controlled conditions, has a longstanding history in Rhode Island. The aquaculture program at the University of Rhode Island, begun in 1969 and administered by the Department of Fisheries, Animal, and Veterinary Sciences (FAVS), is one of the oldest aquaculture programs in the northeastern United States.

Launched in January 2013, Foolproof is a craft brewery based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Foolproof’s beers are distributed statewide in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and northern Virginia.

About Foolproof Brewing Company

Foolproof Brewing Company ( in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, produces high-quality, hand- crafted beers designed with specific experiences in mind. Whether it be watching a baseball game, sitting at home on a rainy day, or just catching up with friends at the local pub, Foolproof’s goal is to create unique and fulfilling beer experiences.

Fleur De Lis Brew Works to hold first bottle release event on May 19

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(Seneca Falls, NY) – Fleur De Lis Brew Works proudly announces its first bottle release May 19 in time for American Craft Beer Week & the brewery’s one year anniversary. Among the 500mL bottle selections is All in the Family, a braggot brewed with massive amounts of local honey. The honey provides a nice balance to the hop bitterness and is aged over six months to smooth any alcohol bite.

Other unique bottles include the flagship Mon Ami, bière de garde & Vigoureux, a whiskey barrel-aged roggenbier.

The release is exclusive to the brewery’s Craft Beer Parlour located in Seneca Falls, NY, part of the Finger Lakes region upstate.


Fleur De Lis Brew Works would like to welcome you to our farm brewery. For us, that’s just not a marketing campaign. We bring a strong heritage of farming, service and business acumen to the craft brewing industry. Here is our story…

Our name, Fleur De Lis Brew Works, is part of the Partee legacy. The fleur de lis symbol depicts a stylized lily or lotus blossom. This French symbol is part of our family’s coat of arms and is featured in our logo and throughout the property. Brew Works conjures images of a historic waterworks plant. The stainless steel brewing equipment is on full display with exposed plumbing and piping. The combination of stainless equipment, copper bar & galvanized aluminum accents compliment the brick, historic barn boards and Edison lighting in the beer parlour. In tribute to our heritage, we have chosen to name our brewery Fleur De Lis Brew Works.

Surly BC Small Batch Series of cans debuts w/ J. Wakefield collab, Inside The Upside Down

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Buy Viagra 25 mg in Bridgeport Connecticut

[Photo credit: Surly Brewing]

Minneapolis, MN – An Ode to Buy Viagra 25 mg in Brownsville Texas Brooklyn Center Brewery: The BC Small Batch Series

We love our Brooklyn Center brewery.

This is not to say we don’t love our big, shiny Prospect Park brewery. It’s what brings the world Furious and Xtra-Citra and hog frites and pizza, it’s where people bring their excellent dogs to the beer garden in the summer, and it was a reason for changing an antiquated state law.

But Brooklyn Center is where it all began. It’s a repurposed abrasives factory located at a dead end in an industrial park. What kind of a monster wouldn’t love that? It’s where our experiments became our flagships. It’s where many of our most popular beer hall-only brews get made.

With that in mind, we’re going back to the lab and sharing the results with you.

In case you hadn’t already guessed it, this is a press release announcing our BC Small Batch series, a monthly release of 4-pack tallboys showcasing the work of our restless, talented crew of brewers.

“The whole idea is having the opportunity to experiment and package the beers on a smaller scale,” says Jerrod Johnson, head brewer, Surly Brewing Co. “The Brooklyn Center brewery, the same brewhouse we’ve been operating since Day One, affords us this opportunity.”

And by small, we mean small. Each release will max out at 120 barrels.

As for the beers themselves, they’ll include: Styles we’re known for. Styles we’re not. Variations on variations. Collaborations. Stuff we’ve never canned before. Weird-ass shit that’s going to blow your mind. Beautiful mistakes. Next Big Things.

The first beer? Inside the Upside Down, an imperial kettle sour brewed with strawberry puree and whole raspberries. It’s a collaboration with the fruited-beer geniuses at Miami’s J. Wakefield Brewing, and a variation on a beer Surly brewer Josh “JAWSH” Lemke made with them last winter.

“It’s a true attempt to marry Surly’s style and Wakefield’s style,” says Lemke. “They’re known for their fruited Berliners and we’re known for our hop-forward beers. This collaboration perfectly showcases both.”

The run on Inside the Upside Down is 60 barrels, so distribution on this one will be limited to Minnesota and North Dakota. The footprint for future 120-barrel releases will roughly be MN, ND, Wisconsin, and the Chicago area.

Speaking of which, here’s the 2018 rundown, subject to change if we feel like it:

Inside the Upside Down — imperial kettle sour ale with strawberry and raspberry.
Zest Crazed — American pale ale with grapefruit and lemon.
Stunner — tropical session ale.
Frisson — Champagne-inspired black currant lager. A Beer Hall favorite.
3DH — triple IPA.
Damien — American black ale.
Furious Black — black IPA.
Grindcore — espresso milk stout.

Inside the Upside Down will hit local shelves the week of April 30th. It will also be on very limited draft at our beer hall starting May 9.

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Buffalo New York

[Note: TTB label approved not necessarily final]


Wit’s End Mai The Fourth Maibock Lager returns on Star Wars Day

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Buy Viagra 25 mg in Cary North Carolina

(Denver, CO) — Buy Viagra 25 mg in Cedar Rapids Iowa will release their fourth annual Maibock lager, Mai The Fourth, brewed specially for (the universally recognized) Star Wars Day on Friday, May 4th.

It is a period of lagered brews. Wit’s End Brewing Company, brewing from a hidden base with Strange Craft Beer Co., have made their fourth annual beer in support of Star Wars Day, May 4. During the Brew, Wit’s End managed to use their secret mashing techniques and extended lagering to produce MAI THE FOURTH, a Maibock lager with enough flavor to fill an entire taproom. Pursued by summer month, this classic spring style races to glasses aboard draft taps and in Crowlers that can serve the people and restore lager to the galaxy…

Mai The Fourth, a traditional German-style lager, is brewed to highlight malt characters without too much sweetness, uses German hops to help balance it out, and was fermented with Bavarian lager yeast to produce clean, malty flavors with a touch of fruity grape notes.

“There are two things that we’ve always been a big fan of here at Wit’s End, Star Wars and a good beer pun,” explains head brewer Tyler Bies. “This beer was brainstormed four years ago as a way to celebrate May The Fourth. We always try to highlight big malt flavors in our beers, so our take on a Maibock is at the upper end of the style for color and ABV.”

The result is a malty balanced beer weighing in at 7% ABV that could frighten you with its sorcerous ways. Craft beer padawans, know your limits on this one…

Mai the Fourth will be released on draft and in Crowlers at the StrangeWit tasting room on Friday, May 4 at 12pm, with food from My Angel’s Fine Cuisine and limited edition Mai The Fourth t-shirts for purchase.


At the dawn of the fourth wave of craft beer (in 2011), Scott Witsoe opened Wit’s End Brewing Company and hasn’t looked back since. Through the years Wit’s End has added some hardware on the walls including GABF® and World Beer Cup® awards, and forged a new partnership with Strange Craft that exists in the form of a co-tasting room and brewhouse near its original location in Denver’s Valverde neighborhood. Now brewed by Head Brewer Tyler Bies, Wit’s End flagship beers, such as Jean Claude Van Blonde and Green Man Ale, are available on draft at Strange Craft’s tasting room at 1330 Zuni St Unit M, Denver, CO 80204. Find the brewery online at

Devil’s Canyon Hefeweizen brewed with Orange joins Kaleidoscope series

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Buy Viagra 25 mg in Chattanooga Tennessee

San Carlos, CA – Buy Viagra 25 mg in Chesapeake Virginia will release a Hefeweizen as part of its seasonal Kaleidoscope series. The Bavarian-style beer debuts on draught and in 22 oz. bottles starting May 4 in the brewery’s taproom and at select retailers.

“Hefeweizen is the perfect beer to sip as it gets warmer out,” said Chris Garrett, the brewery’s owner. “We made ours with California oranges, which is a nod to our region’s agricultural history.”

The Kaleidoscope series plays on seasonality, with quarterly releases that reflect consumer tastes that change with the weather. Future brews in the series include a Pilsner in time for late summer months and a Cream Ale to coincide with the holidays.

Said Garrett, “With the Kaleidoscope series, we take classic styles and add unexpected flavors, like golden raspberries in our Golden Strong Ale and coriander in our White IPA.”

Kaleidoscope Hefeweizen will be available on draught at Devil’s Canyon Beer Garden Fridays starting on May 4, with retail placements to follow. The longrunning series of events features the brewery’s craft beers, food trucks, and live music. Beer Garden Fridays are kid- and dog-friendly, a rarity in public events.

“Making great beer is important to us, but there’s nothing greater than sharing it with our community,” said owner Garrett. “We’re always excited to bring the next great beer to our supporters, and the Kaleidoscope Hefeweizen is no exception.”

Wages Brewing Co. announces American Craft Beer Week 2018 events

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Buy Viagra 25 mg in Clearwater Florida

(West Plains, MO) – Wages Brewing Company, a nanobrewery brewing 1 BBL at a time in the southern Missouri small town, is pleased to announce their first participation in American Craft Beer Week. In the 1 1/2 years Wages has been open, they have locally become known as THE place for events. From live music and food trucks virtually every Saturday, to gaming evenings to charity events and hosting local authors, there’s almost always something to do at Wages.

Wages wanted to do some extra special events for American Craft Beer Week, and they’ve come up with quite a unique week:

Monday May 14th – Yoga* by Breathe : Rumor has it we’re doing yoga again!
*reservations required

Tuesday May 15th – Vinyl Night in the Aux Arcs
*bring your vinyl to be played! A potluck often spontaneous occurs.

Wednesday May 16th – Opening a bottle of Wood Hat Brew Barrel Bourbon (made in Missouri in conjunction with a brewery!) + Adult Chess

Thursday May 17th – Free Glass Night
*Every attendee who buys a beer receives a random glass from owner Phil Wages’ personal collection

Friday May 18th – Blood Orange Throwdown – You choose the best
*Is it better to have Blood Orange Whatknot Ale (Wages’ cream/wheat hybrid), Blood Orange Gose, or Blood Orange Kombucha? You be the judge!

Saturday May 19th – AHA Member Rally: Meet Wages Brew Co and Ozarktoberfest, Momma Mary’s Navajo Tacos food truck May 19th, Creek Stink and Clawhammer live at WBCo May 19th
*Wages’ first AHA Rally, food all day, and no cover charge live music starts at 7 PM

With his Mississippi born charm, now Missouri native and brewery owner Phil Wages says, “We look forward to sharing this week with y’all! Come find out why we say, The Middle of Nowhere Never Tasted So Good!”

Tennessee Brew Works, Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House, and George A. Dickel & Co. collaborate

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Nashville, TN – Buy Viagra 25 mg in Columbus Ohio, Buy Viagra 25 mg in Concord California, and George A. Dickel & Co. have collaborated to create a beer that celebrates the Scots-Irish heritage of Tennessee. The release will be at Tennessee Brew Works, downtown Nashville, on Monday April 30.

Named Sinsear, the Gaelic translation of ‘roots’, the beer is an Imperial Irish Red Ale that was infused with lemon zest and ginger and aged for five months in George Dickel Superior Number 12 Whisky barrels. The result is a smooth, rich beer at 8.5% abv, reminiscent of a Tennessee Mule cocktail, which was inspiration for the brewers.

This collaboration was over a year in the making and culminated with Guinness Open Gate Brewery & Barrel House Brewmaster Peter Wiens and Head Brewer Hollie Stephenson traveling to Nashville and joining Tennessee Brew Works’ Head Brewer Matt Simpson, brewers Andy Bohleber and Stephanie Smith, and George Dickel’s Brian Downing, to create this complex and delicious cocktail beer.

There will be two events to celebrate the release on April 30.

Tennessee Brew Works will host an Irish Breakfast from 8am, with a keg-tapping event at 11am and featuring beer cocktails and music.

The Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. in Tullahoma County, the home of George Dickel, and about an hour’s drive away from downtown Nashville, will be hosting a ticketed event with a complimentary bus leaving Tennessee Brew Works at 10.30am and returning by 4pm. For more information visit:

The beer will be draft only, and on tap at Tennessee Brew Works while inventory lasts, and at the following tap takeover events during the Craft Brewers Conference:

4/30/18-Frugal MacDoogal Tasting 12-2.
4/30/18-The Filling Station East 3-7pm.
5/1/18-Party Fowl 2-4pm.
5/1/18- Von Elrod’s Beer Garden and Sausage House 4-7pm.
5/2/18- Picnic Tap (Farmer’s Market) 12pm onward. 5/2/18- Nudie’s Honky Tonk starting at 6pm
5/3/18- Jack Browns Beer and Burger Joint. 5-9pm.

Hop Biotransformation and NE IPA with Randy Mosher- BeerSmith Podcast #169

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Buy Viagra 25 mg in Costa Mesa CaliforniaRandy Mosher, author of several top beer brewing books joins me to talk about hop biotransformations that occur during active fermentation as well as New England IPAs.

Subscribe on iTunes to Buy Viagra 25 mg in Dallas Texasor Buy Viagra 25 mg in Daly City California or on Buy Viagra 25 mg in Davenport Iowa

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Buy Viagra 25 mg in Fullerton California, Purchase Viagra ( (Sildenafil Citrate)) in Chula Vista California

  • Today my guest is Randy Mosher. Randy is the author of several of my favorite home brewing books including Buy Viagra 25 mg in Denton Texas, Buy Viagra 25 mg in Denver Colorado and Buy Viagra 25 mg in Des Moines Iowa (Amazon affiliate links). He’s also a partner at Five Rabbit and Forbidden Root breweries in Chicago and instructor at the Siebel Institute. His web site is Buy Viagra 25 mg in Detroit Michigan
  • We start with a short discussion of Randy’s recent trips.
  • He introduces the New England IPA style and we talk about why it is so controversial (and hated) for some brewers.
  • Randy describes the taste and sensory analysis for a NE IPA.
  • We talk about what makes NE IPA different from traditional IPAs.
  • Randy provides the grain bill he uses as well as how to mash it.
  • We get into an interesting discussion on the use of hops during active fermentation and biotransformations that are possible.
  • He describes how some hop oils can react and change during active fermentation and how that alters the flavor.
  • We discuss yeast selection and fermentation for a New England IPA.
  • He shares his thoughts on dry hopping for this style as well as haze.
  • Randy shares his closing thoughts.


Thanks to Randy Mosher for appearing on the show and also to you for listening!
iTunes Announcements: I launched a new Buy Viagra 25 mg in Elk Grove California, so subscribe now! At the moment it will only feature the new widescreen episodes (#75 and up). Older episodes are available on my revamped Buy Viagra 25 mg in Erie Pennsylvania. Also all of my Buy Viagra 25 mg in Escondido California now – so grab the older episodes if you missed any.

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Leave me a comment below or visit our Buy Viagra 25 mg in Eugene Oregon to leave a comment in the podcast section there.

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