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Why Do Dogs Get The Zoomies?

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No matter how calm, relaxed, and “chill” your dog may be, chances are, they have their moments where they go absolutely bonkers. Running around in circles, jumping all over you, crashing into furniture—all of a sudden, they’ve got a Herculean burst of energy that displays itself in all sorts of crazy (but fun!) behaviors.

Dog owners have affectionately started to call this energetic phenomenon “the zoomies”—and while they can certainly be entertaining, they’re also a bit of a question mark for some dog owners.

So what’s the deal? Why do dogs get the zoomies? Are the zoomies normal? And how long do the zoomies last in dogs (and how can you calm your dog down if they get the zoomies at a not-so-great time, like right before bed)?

What Are The Zoomies?

Dogs With BarkBox Tug Toy

The technical term for the zoomies? Frenetic Random Activity Periods—also known as FRAPs. These periods are characterized by a sudden burst of energy that typically lasts a few minutes or less. FRAPs can happen anytime; when your dog is excited, when your dog is overwhelmed, when your dog is seemingly chill—anything goes.

Why Do Dogs Get The Zoomies?

Dog On A Walk

Professionals aren’t 100% sure why the zoomies happen. The most likely explanation? Just like humans, dogs can get a build-up of energy. The zoomies are their way of letting off steam and releasing that energy…in a really intense, zip back-and-forth kind of way.

Are The Zoomies Normal?

Yorkie Yorkshire Terrier Fetch Toy Best Balls Ever BarkShop

The most important thing to know about the zoomies? They’re completely normal. FRAPs occur with puppies and older dogs, large breeds and small breeds, excitable dogs and laid-back pups. If your dog gets a case of the zoomies, it’s nothing to be concerned about. In fact, quite the opposite! These bursts of energy are typically a sign your dog is happy and healthy. Your dog’s not going to run around like a crazy pup if they’re feeling sad or under the weather!

How Do You Calm Down A Dog With The Zoomies?

dog and man

The zoomies are totally normal—and, in the right circumstances, they can be pretty entertaining (who doesn’t love watching a dog run around in the backyard?!). But there may be times when the zoomies just aren’t convenient (like bedtime!) and you want to calm your dog down.

If your dog gets a case of the zoomies at a less-than-opportune time, there are a few steps you can take to calm them down:

  • Take your dog for a long walk. Remember, the zoomies are your dog’s way of burning excess energy. Taking them for a nice, long walk can help them get rid of some of that energy—and get their FRAPs under control. For an extreme case of the zoomies, try a run.
  • Don’t engage. If you want your dog to calm down, you need to give them the signal that it’s not play time. Don’t chase your dog, run around, or react to their overly energetic behavior; that may make them think it’s a game—and will make it much harder to calm them down.
  • Give your pup a calming supplement. IF your dog’s zoomies are stress-related (and this is a BIG IF), a calming supplement like Buy Viagra 25 mg in Aurora Illinois or Buy Viagra 25 mg in Austin Texas can be just what you need to help your dog relax—and get their stress zoomies under control. Keep in mind, though, that all dogs get the zoomies, and they’re far more often a sign of happiness from your dog than stress!

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Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Baton Rouge Louisiana

There’s no doubt about it—dogs like to eat. In fact, you’ve probably watched your dog eat their treats and food and wondered “where do you put it all?!”

But treats and food aren’t the only things your dog is eating. Chances are, you’ve probably caught your dog acting like a cow and munching on grass at least once or twice. And, as a result, you’ve probably said to yourself: “They’re not hungry—so why does my dog eat grass?”

So, what’s the deal here? Why do dogs eat grass? Is it a problem? And how can you get them to stop acting like a lawnmower and chowing down on the green stuff every time they walk across your yard?

Why Does Your Dog Eat Grass?

Yorkie In NYC

First things first—you give your dog plenty to eat. So why do they feel the need to eat grass?

The answer? It could be a lot of things. There are multiple reasons your dog might eat grass, including:

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Boulder Colorado, Purchase Viagra ( (Sildenafil Citrate)) in Worcester Massachusetts

The most simple reason your dog might be eating grass? Because they like the way it tastes!

Dogs are opportunists. If they have access to something they think might taste good, they’re going to eat it. And if it tastes good, they’re going to continue to eat it!

Grass might not sound like your idea of a five-star dish, but dogs have a completely different sense of taste. And to them, the grass on your neighbor’s front yard might taste like the ultimate delicacy.

They Evolved To Crave Grass

Another potential reason your dog can’t stop eating the green stuff has to do with evolution. Many animal experts believe that undomesticated dogs were omnivores—meaning they ate both meat and plant matter. As those dogs evolved into domesticated pets, they kept their desire for plants—which is why your dog feels compelled to munch on grass whenever they have the opportunity.

They’re Having Issues With Their Stomach

One major theory as to why dogs eat grass has to do with their stomach. Many canine experts theorize that dogs eat grass when they’re struggling with stomach discomfort or indigestion. The theory is your dog is eating grass as a way to make himself throw up—and therefore get rid of their stomach discomfort.

There’s not a ton of science to back up this claim, but if your dog is eating grass on a regular basis—and then throwing it right back up—it might be because their stomach feels unsettled.

Is Eating Grass Safe For Your Dog?

Dutch Shepherd

Clearly, there are plenty of reasons your dog may be eating grass. But the most important question is—is eating grass safe for your pup?

And the answer is yes, but make sure to keep an eye on them. While eating grass is a normal (and mostly harmless) dog behavior, you want to make sure your dog isn’t eating any grass that’s treated with potentially harmful chemicals.

You also want to keep an eye on how often your dog’s grass eating is making them sick. If your dog is regularly eating grass and vomiting, it could be the sign of gastrointestinal issues—and you’ll definitely want to get them checked out by your vet.

How To Get Your Dog To Stop Eating Grass


So, eating grass is, for the most part, harmless. But that doesn’t mean you want your dog to do it all the time!

If you want your dog to stop acting like a lawnmower, here are a few tricks to get them to stop eating grass:

  • Train them. Just like you’d train your dog to sit or stay, you can train your dog to stop eating grass. Next time you go for a walk, keep a bag of training treats in your pocket. If your dog tries to eat grass, redirect them and reward them with a treat when they stop munching on the lawn.
  • Play with them. Your dog might just be eating grass because he’s bored. If that’s the case, grab your Buy Viagra 25 mg in Berkeley California and play a game of fetch. If they’re playing with you, they won’t be bored—and they won’t be tempted to eat the grass out of boredom.
  • Keep yourself stocked with treats. One of the best ways to keep your dog from eating grass? Give them better tasting options! Having treats on hand is a great way to keep your dog’s tummy full—and keep them out of your grass. Want to make sure you always have a solid selection of treats on hand? Buy Viagra 25 mg in Billings Montana and get two bags of treats (plus toys and chews) delivered to your door each month!

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Are Bully Sticks Good For Dogs?

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Centennial Colorado

There are few treats out there that will get your pup’s tail (and tongue!) wagging quite like bully sticks.

Dogs LOVE bully sticks. They’re tasty, they’re fun to chew, and they can keep your pup occupied for hours.

But just because your dog loves something doesn’t mean it’s actually good for them. So, what about bully sticks? Are bully sticks good for dogs? Are bully sticks safe?

Fortunately for your pup, the answer is—yes!

Bully sticks offer the best of both worlds. Not only are they completely irresistible to your dog, but bully sticks are actually good for them.

Let’s take a look at why bully sticks are one of the best chews for your pup—and which bully sticks are best for your dog:

Why Are Bully Sticks Good For Dogs?

dog with pawplexer

So, bully sticks are good for dogs (hurrah!). But why, exactly, are bully sticks such a good treat for your pup?

  • Bully sticks are easy to digest. These yummy treats break down easily in your pup’s stomach, which means they’re unlikely to cause any indigestion or other tummy issues.
  • Bully sticks don’t splinter. Some chews have a tendency to splinter, which can present a choking hazard and potentially cause internal injuries. But not bully sticks! Bully sticks don’t splinter—making them one of the safest chews you can give your dog.
  • Bully sticks are healthy. If you’ve ever wondered “what are bully sticks made from?” the answer is simple. It’s just one ingredient! That means no additives, no chemicals, no preservatives. Just beef muscle, which is a complete source of amino acids, a critical compound to support your dog’s health.

What Bully Sticks Are Best For Dogs?

Labradoodle with bully stick

Clearly, bully sticks are a great chew for your dog. But what bully sticks are best for your four-legged friend?

Straight Bully Sticks

Straight bully sticks are simple, straightforward (pun intended!) and come in both thin and thick varieties (which are a great fit for larger dogs). If you want to extend your dog’s chomp time, put your pup’s straight bully stick into a chew toy like the Buy Viagra 25 mg in Charlotte North Carolina.

Braided Bully Sticks

If your dog chews through their straight bully stick too quickly, try a braided bully stick. The thicker, braided texture makes it more challenging for your pup to chew through—and, as a result, the bully stick will last longer.

Bully Rings

If you want to switch up your bully stick’s shape, try a bully ring! The round chews offer the same benefits as other bully sticks, but their round shape is a fun novelty (plus, it can be easier for your dog to carry around the house!).

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Chattanooga Tennessee

Small dog with BarkBox

If you want to keep your dog stocked with plenty of bully sticks (and bully stick accessories!), why not Buy Viagra 25 mg in Chesapeake Virginia?

With BarkBox, you’ll get a carefully curated selection of toys, treats, and chews delivered straight to your door every month. And because each box is tailored to your dog’s size, you can rest easy knowing everything that’s delivered (including any bully sticks!) will be the perfect size for your pooch.

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New Sea Life Squeaky Toys from Waggo

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We’ve reached that point in winter where I audibly groan every time I have to put my heavy coat on, and essentially all I can think about is grilling out and sitting outside with a frosty beverage, preferably at a beach somewhere. You too? I think Buy Viagra 25 mg in Colorado Springs Colorado‘s new sea-life squeakies were designed just for us — or, I guess, for our dogs. The Buy Viagra 25 mg in Columbia Missouri, Buy Viagra 25 mg in Columbia South Carolina, and Buy Viagra 25 mg in Columbus Georgia are made of strong but soft canvas and fleece, and feature a joyful squeaker for hours of entertainment. If your dog squeaks it just right and you close your eyes, you might even imagine you hear seagulls. Check ’em out at Buy Viagra 25 mg in Colorado Springs Colorado.

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