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What Is The Checklist of Things I Need When Bringing a New Puppy Home?

What Is The Checklist of Things I Need When Bringing a New Puppy Home?

No matter how much you think you’ve prepared, a new puppy comes at you with constant potties (not always outdoors), super sharp baby teeth, and a whole slew of unpredictable things.

But fear not, my fellow puppy lovers! Here is the ULTIMATE list of things that you will need when you bring home your new fluffbutt. And when you do, remember to enjoy each and every second of it, because we all know they grow up way too fast! 🐶

Oh, The Noms You Will Eat:

This one’s a no-brainer. Your puppy will need high-quality food so they grow into a happy and healthy adult dog. I checked out Dog Food Advisor for reviews and ratings on pretty much any dog food out on the market, and Fromm comes highly recommended.


-No corn, wheat, beet pulp or artificial flavors and colors.
-Enhanced with probiotics to aid digestion
-Specially formulated for growing puppies

BUY HERE, $32-77

1 Poop, 2 Poops, Brown Poops, Green Poops:

poop bags

I ordered this 900-count of poop bags on Amazon last year on August 8, 2016, and I still haven’t had to buy poop bags since. The bags are sturdy enough to withstand whatever craptastrophe you and your pupper get through together, and it even comes with a leash clip and dispenser so you never have to fish through a street trash can to find something to pick up poops with (I’ve been there, and I refuse to endure that shame again).


-Arrows pointing to opening for easy handling
-Thicker than standard bags for heavy duty doodies

BUY HERE, $14.75

Go The Pup To Sleep:
2-in-1 Honeycomb Hut Cuddler

cuddler dog bed

One of the difficult things to navigate as a new puppy parent is bedtime. Will the puppy sleep on his own bed, or a crate, or will he inevitably end up snuggling in with you halfway through the night? I know I woke up a dozen times a night in the first week of bringing my Lady home because I just had to make sure she was comfy in her bed (spoiler: she was fine). This Honeycomb Hut Cuddler would’ve proven invaluable in those early days when I wanted her to have a blanket but didn’t want it to get shredded overnight.


-Converts into a private den for those chilly nights
-Removable inner cushion
-Handle for portability


Don’t Go Chasing Rabid Squirrels:

hot dog leash and collar

Even if you’re not the type to accessorize or keep a closet full of outfits for your pup, you’ll definitely need a collar and leash for those daily walks with your new best friend. Long gone are the days of strapping a nondescript black nylon collar on your pup — now there are stylish options you can use to show off you and your pup’s dazzling pawsonalities! This Zee Dog Hot Dog Leash And Collar will make your pupper the star of the dog park.


-Stain-resistant fabric
-Made in USA
-I mean who doesn’t like hot dogs?

BUY HERE, $27-34

Goodbye Ouchies!
Pocket First Aid Kit

pet first aid

Any first aid kit will do, really, but this pet-friendly pocket first aid kit is pocket-sized and can be brought along on walks and trips to the dog park. We hope you’ll never need it, but if you do, you’ll be glad you can tend to your pup’s ouchies in a timely manner.


-Tiny, yet functional
-Clips onto leash or backpack
-Waste bag portal for dual use


Come Squeak With Me:

bloomin bundle

Your pup will be busy exploring their new home with you, so it’s good to have a few toys handy to keep your wee pupperino from turning your shoes into minced meat with those sharp teefs! The Bloomin’ Bundle is a BARK original, and comes with a bouquet that will never wilt and a buzzin’ hive of three squeaky bees that fit inside for hide-and-seek fun!


-Bouquet has four flowers that come apart for crinkly + squeaky fun
-Tested for durability in our offices by our four-legged coworkers
-Save over 25% when you buy the bundle!


Who Stole The Dog Treats From The Dog Treat Jar?

chic treat jar for dogs

One of the best ways to set yourself and your puppy up for success is to keep treats handy. This treat jar can sit on the counter or anywhere in the house for easy access whenever you’d like to reward your pup.


-Keeps treats fresh longer
-Dishwasher safe ceramic with handwash bamboo lid
-Fits any decor


Who Left The Toys Out, WHO, WHO, WHO, WHO

collapsible toy basket

Having a puppy doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice your pawsonal home style, but you may have to find a way to store all those adorable squeaky toys. This collapsible bin makes a stylish addition to any home, while doubling as a place to store extra pup blankets, toys or even treat bags.

-Available in S, M, L and round form
-Cute print
-Easily folds down


For Those Countless Potty Training Disasters:

This stuff is truly magical, although it’s got science to back it up. Any potty training mishaps are no match for this odor-busting liquid from heaven. And I mean NONE. So go ahead and just buy the gallon size because you’re gonna fall in ruv with this stuff, I promise.

-Guaranteed to permanently eliminate stains and odors
-Comes in spray bottle option
-For use on carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, and more

BUY HERE, $5.99+

For monthly deliveries of wiggly puppy joy:

Wnat to make your new pupper the happiest little 4-legged wiggle butt in the neighborhood? Subscribe to BarkBox! Every month BarkBox delivers 2 original toys, designed in-house, 2 full bags of all-natural treats, and a chew. Our treats are made in the USA and Canada, and our recipes never contain any wheat, soy, or corn. Because we want #BarkBoxDay to be incredible for pups AND their parents, every box is wrapped in a fun surprise theme that changes monthly. Sign up here and receive a free extra toy every month. <-- This deal is worth up to $108 in value if you sign up for a 12-month subscription! :)

Why We Love it:

-There’s a new theme every month! With the incredible assortment of original toys, treats, and chews, your dog will always stay engaged.
-For no additional charge, BarkBox now offers to customize your dog’s box based on their specific treat and toy preferences. This creates a truly personalized experience for each and every pup.
-There’s over $40 worth of presents waiting inside, but BarkBoxes start at just $22!
Start your dog’s monthly surprise!

BUY HERE, Starting at $22/mo

We hope this list helps you and your puppy start off on the right paw!

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What Are The Best Toys For French Bulldogs?

What Are The Best Toys For French Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs were made for playtime! These squishy-faced, bat-eared pups are just as fun to play with as they are to look at. French Bulldogs, or “Frenchies,” are known for their goofy, quirky, and cheeky demeanor. Basically, Frenchies are the reigning title-holders of “Class Clown” at doggie daycare.

Thankfully, these entertaining dogs are also easily entertained. They’re eager to play with you, most toys, a leaf, a squirrel – anything! In particular, French Bulldogs go bananas for toys that involve chewing, fetching, squeaking, and – most importantly – bonding with their human.

French bulldog with barkshop chew

Here are toys that will have your Frenchie barking “Oui, oui!

The All-In-One Toy: Spiky Ball Core

Meet the toy of your Frenchie’s dreams. Spiky Ball Core Toys combine everything a French Bulldog seeks in playtime: fluff for chomping, spheres for fetching, ropes for tugging, and a surprise spiky ball for squeaking! Your goofball will be endlessly amused with this toy!

french bulldog spiky core ball

Plus, French Bulldogs are loyal people pleasers who constantly want their human’s love and attention. So if you want to make your Frenchie ridiculously happy, use this toy in a game of tug-o-war! Nothing will make your bat-eared baby happier than, say, a “Twittleston Twerp” and your attention.

Puzzles For Pups

Don’t be fooled by their goofy personalities, French Bulldogs are intelligent dogs. Puzzle Toys – also called Thinker Toys – are perfect for your pint-sized Einstein. These toys stimulate your dog’s mind and battle boredom while you’re away or busy.

Dachshund With Puzzle Toy BarkBox BarkShop

Frenchies do have a reputation for being stubborn. However, with treats packed into a “Dog Brick Puzzle,” your Frenchie will be eagerly motivated to uncover as many tasty morsels as possible.

Tough Rubber For Your Tough Lil Mudder

A French Bulldog’s favorite pastimes include retrieving and chewing. So your Frenchie will go crazy for durable fetch toys. But are soggy tennis balls getting old and predictable? Bring your game of fetch to the next level with Super Chewer Toys.

Bulldog with super chewer toy

These toys – like “Gobble Gobble Gus” and the “Sledgehog” – come in fun characters and designs. Plus, their bounciness makes for a wild game of fetch. And when your Frenchie grows tired of fetching, they can chew to their heart’s content on the super-durable rubber.

The Ultimate Toy Chest: BarkBox!

Can’t choose just one toy for your furry friend? Or maybe you want to keep your French Bulldog entertained with a changing collection of toys and treats? Then BarkBox is the perfect solution! This monthly subscription service delivers everything your Frenchie could possibly desire straight to your door. This includes 2 unique toys, 2 bags of tasty treats, and 1 scrumptious chew.

Pug With BarkBox

Even better, each collection is curated around a fun theme! So, your paleontologist pup may get Chewrassic Bark one month and get groovy with Throwbark Thursday the next. It’s endless fun with BarkBox!

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What Are The Best Toys For Poodles?

What Are The Best Toys For Poodles?

Poodles are often stereotyped as prim and proper pups. However, Poodle parents know that these curly-haired canines aren’t just pretty – they’re playful, too! Need help entertaining these incredibly intelligent and active dogs? Here are three types of toys that are pawfect for Poodles:

Puzzles For Poodles

Dachshund Wiener Dog With BarkBox Puzzle Toy Tornado

Did you know Poodles are coined the world’s second smartest dogs? In 1994, Dr. Stanley Coren ranked Poodles as #2 of #133 breeds according to intelligence. But depending on who you ask, they are sometimes considered the brightest breed of them all!

So physical exercise isn’t enough for your furry Einstein. This intelligent pup craves mental stimulation and easily grows bored. Give your Poodle a mental workout with Thinker Toys like the “Dog Hide N’ Slide Puzzle” or the “Dog Casino Puzzle.” These Puzzle Toys will give your Poodle exciting challenges – and treats!

Durable Chew Toys

Poodle parents may be well aware that these pups love. to. chew. Prevent destructive chewing behavior with durable Super Chewer Toys! Toys like”Gobble Gobble Gus” are especially designed to withstand the strongest jaws and longest chomping sessions. This way, your Poodle will have hours of endless entertainment. Plus, they come in super fun designs that will delight both you and your dog!

Fetch And Tug

Bulldog BarkShop BarkBox microphone toy

Poodles were originally bred as hunting dogs. Though it may be hard to imagine your furry princess leading a hunting trip, Poodles still have a strong instinct for retrieving. Ignite and delight their instincts with a game of fetch!

Tug Toys are a great option for fetch since the rope handles are optimal for throwing. Gone are the days of clutching slobbery tennis balls – yuck. When there isn’t space for throwing, a game of tug-o-war with a “Cunning Collin” Tugimal will entertain your playful Poodle just as much. Poodles are very eager to please and connect with their humans, so their favorite playtime activity is one that involves you!

Give BarkBox A Try

Terrier Dog Paradise Unleashed BarkBox

Not sure what toys your Poodle will go crazy for? Then why not give BarkBox a try? With this monthly subscription box, you’ll get a carefully curated selection of top-quality toys, treats, and a chew for your pup (two of each!) delivered straight to your door.

Have some lingering questions on how to find the best toys for medium dogs? Reach out to the team at—they’re here to help!

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What’s The Cheapest Way To Buy Dog Toys?

What’s The Cheapest Way To Buy Dog Toys?

Let’s be honest here, your pup will probably put anything in their mouth. If we had a dollar for every time we pried something suspicious out of our dog’s jaws, we’d have a lot of slobbery dollars to spend on toys. For now, we’re stuck with a handful of mystery and a burning question: how do I make sure my money is going toward the best toys for my dog, even when I’m working on a budget?


As pup parents, we know that what our dog plays with is important and that cutting costs should never include sacrificing the quality of the toys. Buying quality helps keep cost down, as fewer replacements are needed. It also gives you the satisfaction of knowing your pup is enjoying the perfect toy for them, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth when you make the purchase.

So what does it mean to buy quality items? These are toys made with durable materials, strong stitching, and designed with long-lasting fun in mind. Additionally, these items have awesome features meant to cater to different playstyles. The “Lady Liberty Ball,” for example, sports a crown with reinforced stitching for gripping and whipping, and a spiky ball to keep the fun going with durability and texture. Or there’s “Peg the Prized Pig,” designed with a water bottle core and rattling beads to provide your dog with a whole new sensory experience without giving up durability.

In addition, with many of these toys coming in at only $10, you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank. BarkShop is ready to get your pup’s tail wagging at an affordable cost, with toys that are designed to last and provide the best playtime experience.


Of course, quality is always ideal. But if you have a dedicated destroyer in your pack, even the most expensive plush can be crushed just as quickly as the bargain bin stuff. Where does that leave our power pups out there? The answer is BarkShop’s Super Chewer section! This is a collection of toys specifically designed to cater to the pups that leave regular plush toys in tatters.

BullDog With BarkBox BarkShop Toy Gobble Gus

Because these toys are built to last, you know you’re getting the best value for your purchase. Often Super Chewer toys utilize extremely durable materials such as hard natural rubber and strong nylon rope. Long-lasting chews, such as Benebones and Pawplexers, make use of flavored nylon to keep dogs coming back for just one more nibble every time.

Durable pack favorites like “Gobble Gobble Gus” and “Wobblin’ Walter” come in at just $14 on BarkShop’s website. Plus, with their Dog People Promise, you can rest assured that if any purchase on BarkShop misses the mark, the Happy Team experts will be there to help.

Reusable Toys

Getting your money’s worth out of a toy can seem like an impossible task, especially if you have a picky pup in your pack. How many of us have chosen what we knew would be the new favorite toy of the house, only to find a few days later that the magic has faded and our pups couldn’t care less about it? Sure, no biggie, one more for the personal collection. But we still need something for the dog.

Cattle Dog With BarkBox Dog Brick Puzzle Toy

Enter BarkShop’s puzzle and treat-dispensing toys. If your pup is a fan of flavor, a connoisseur of crunch, or just plain loves food, these toys will keep the fun going pretty much forever. Pop some training treats in the “Treat Maze” and watch your pup enjoy themselves to the fullest while working their brain. “Max the Marching Penguin” is always ready to keep you occupied with a fun, erratic bounce, and a hollow core to put everything from peanut butter to wet food inside.

These toys offer long-lasting fun that will stretch your dollar a little further with every use. When playtime is over, just wipe these toys down and they’re ready for the next round of enjoyment.


If you’re ready to settle down and commit to month after month of fun, subscriptions are a great way to save some serious money on not just dog toys, but treats and chews as well. When enough people come together to make their pups happy, something amazing happens. BarkBox is able to offer $40 worth of toys, treats, and a tasty chew for as low as $22 a month for their classic boxes.

If you’re looking for something that’ll outlast and be cost effective for the toughest toy terrors out there, the Super Chewer box could be the perfect fit for your pack. Super Chewer boxes boast extremely durable toys designed specifically to outlast the most determined destroyer and a replacement guarantee if any toy isn’t up to the task. With each Super Chewer box packed full of toys, treats, and meaty chews valued at over $45, and subscriptions as low as $29, you’re absolutely getting your money’s worth.

The BarkBox and Super Chewer websites are constantly running different sign-up promotions, including discounted first boxes and free premium extra toys. BarkBox is paws down the best way to get more bark for your buck. Plus, if anything misses the mark, their expert Happy Team is there to make things right for you and your pup. That means you get peace of mind with every box that heads toward your door.

When it comes to shopping for your pack, stretching your dollar means more fun for them and less stress for you. Shopping for quality, durability, and reusability are all awesome ways to stretch the fun a little further. And monthly boxes of fun can help you fill up your toy box without emptying out your wallet.

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What Are The Best Toys For Medium Dogs?

What Are The Best Toys For Medium Dogs?

When we think of medium dogs, the first thing that comes to mind? The tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. That’s because medium dogs are not too big, not too small…they’re just right.

If you’re the proud owner of a medium-sized dog, you want to stock your home with plenty of toys to keep them entertained. But different dogs require different toys. The toys that are going to work for a Great Dane or a Yorkie probably won’t be the right fit for your medium pup.

So what, exactly, are the best toys for medium dogs?

Tug Toys

Medium dog with tug toy

All dogs love to play tug of war—including medium-sized dogs (you’d be surprised how strong they can be!). That’s why Tug Toys are one of the best toys for medium dogs. It gives your dog a change to work off excess energy, creates an opportunity for interactive play with your pup, and will also prevent your dog from tugging on other, less-ideal things (like the sleeve of your shirt!).

Tug Toys typically have two sides—one with a rope for your pup to chomp on, the other with a rope (or handle) for you to grab onto. Once you’ve got a good grip, your medium-sized dog can tug away—and impress you with how strong they are (even though they’re not the biggest pups in the bunch!).

Fetch Toys

Medium dog with fetch toy

Medium dogs like to run around just as much as the big guys at the dog park. Which is why Fetch Toys are such a great fit.

Toys like the “Orbee Globe Ball” are a great way for your dog to get their exercise and entertainment in one place. And as an added bonus—once you’ve tired your pup out with a few games of fetch at the park, they’re much less likely to get into trouble when you get home.

Plush Toys

Medium dog with plush toy

Medium dogs might fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to size, but not when it comes to heart. And a great way to warm that big puppy heart? Plush Toys.

The key to choosing the right plush toy for your medium dog is size. You want to make sure it’s large enough that your dog doesn’t tear it to shreds in five minutes (again, medium-sized dogs can be deceptively strong!).

If you want to up the fun factor, try a Spiky Core Ball Toy. These plush toys – like “Monsieur Acorn” – have a squeaky, spiky (and durable!) ball hidden inside their plush. Once your dog rips apart the Plush Toy (which they probably will eventually!), they have a whole new toy waiting for them to play with. It’s like two toys in one!

Thinker Toys

Cattle Dog With BarkBox Dog Brick Puzzle Toy

If a medium-sized dog gets bored, they can still cause big-time trouble. That’s why you need to keep their brain engaged. And one of the best ways to keep that brain engaged? Thinker Toys.

Thinker Toys like the “Dog Brick Puzzle” or the “Dog Casino Puzzle” are pretty much like puzzles for your pup. They have treats hidden inside the toy—and if your dog wants to get to the treat, they need to figure out how to work through the puzzle.

Thinker Toys come in all shapes, sizes, and materials (like plastic and wood)—but as long as they present a challenge, they’ll keep your dog happy and entertained for hours at a time.

Super Chewer Toys

Dog with chew toy

Dogs love to chew. And your medium dog is probably able to chew through most of their toys in a big way! Super Chewer Toys like “Max the Marching Penguin” or a Benebone are extra durable and can withstand even the strongest chompers—so they can withstand your medium-sized dog’s teeth, no problem.

Also, got a medium-sized puppy? A Super Chewer Toy should be at the top of your list—these toys are an excellent tool for teething!

Need Help Finding The Best Toys For Medium Dogs?

Pup with Super Chewer Bark Box

Not sure what toys your medium-sized dog will go crazy for? Then why not give BarkBox a try? With BarkBox, you’ll get a carefully curated selection of top-quality toys, treats, and a chew for your pup (two of each!) delivered straight to your door every month. And the best part? Every delivery is tailored to your dog’s size, so you’ll only get the best for your medium-sized pal.

Have some lingering questions on how to find the best toys for medium dogs? Reach out to the team at—they’re here to help!

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What’s The Best Dog Gift For A Girlfriend?

What’s The Best Dog Gift For A Girlfriend?

When you’re shopping for a gift for your girlfriend, you probably have a list of go-tos you know she’ll love. But what about your dog?

Getting your girlfriend a gift from your pooch is a sweet way to show that it’s more than just you who loves her. But what should you get her? What’s the best dog gift for a girlfriend?

A Framed Photo

Golden Retriever Dog Mix With Bow On Head

Your girlfriend knows your dog can’t actually go shopping (or at least we hope she does!). So any gift from your dog is purely sentimental.

So why not roll with it and give the most sentimental gift of all?

As far as the best dog gift for your girlfriend, you can’t do much better than a framed photo. A photo of your dog, yourself, and your girlfriend will remind her how much you (and your pup!) care every time she looks at it. And showing that you care—isn’t that the point of giving a gift in the first place?

Find a great shot of you, your girlfriend, and your dog, get it printed, and put it in a fun frame. Then wrap it with a bow, sign it with love from your pooch, and watch her heart melt.

A Personalized Present From Your Pooch

Custome Dog Sweatshirt

Your dog is so cute, they might as well be a work of art.

And if you shop on Etsy, you can actually make them into one—and then give that work of art to your girlfriend.

Etsy is full of personalized, one-of-a-kind dog gifts that your girlfriend will love. The hardest part is choosing just one! Want to get her something to stay warm this winter? These custom dog socks or illustrated dog sweatshirt will do the trick. Want to give her something to spruce up her home? This custom pet portrait will add some much need color to her space—and showcase your dog as the work of art they are!

The point is, there are TONS of personalized pet products – from socks to hoodies to illustrations and just about everything in between – on Etsy. And giving your girlfriend a gift from your dog that’s actually personalized with your dog? It’s a slam dunk every time.

Something Matching

Matching pajamas

When you’re shopping for the best dog gift for a girlfriend, you want people to know who the gift is from. And getting your girlfriend and your pup something matching is great way to make sure that happens.

Giving your girlfriend a matching article of clothing from your pooch—whether it’s a t-shirt, a pair of pajamas, or a cozy scarf—is not only adorable, but the fact that they’ll be twins when they wear them will make it clear to just about anyone who the gift is from. (If you want to be extra cute, make sure to get yourself something to match, too!)

Gifts For Dog People

Bucketfeet Bark & Co Shoodles

Is your girlfriend just generally dog-obsessed? Consider getting her one of BarkShop’s many Gifts For Dog People. Try out the Bark & Co Bucketfeet Shoodles, which are comfortable and covered in fashionable dog illustrations. There’s also these Dog Doodle Socks, this Dog People Get It tote bag, and this Convertible Dog Float Bundle for the pool. Basically, your girlfriend will be broadcasting to the world how much she loves dogs, which is a good thing, in our opinion.

The Gift That Keeps Giving: BarkBox

Dog With BarkBox

There are certain gifts that are a win for your girlfriend and your pup – like BarkBox.

When you gift a BarkBox, your girlfriend will get a carefully curated selection of high-quality toys, treats, and chews delivered to her house each month. Then she can share them with your pup – and she’ll quickly become your pup’s favorite person. Which, let’s be real, is the best gift of all.

Gift a BarkBox to your lady friend and send it from your pup today. Your dog and your lady friend will thank you!

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Perception and Reality in Beer Flavor with Randy Mosher – BeerSmith Podcast #182

Perception and Reality in Beer Flavor with Randy Mosher – BeerSmith Podcast #182

This week Randy Mosher joins me to discuss cutting edge research into beer sensory perception and how our brain uniquely perceives and distorts the flavor, aroma and taste of beer.

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Topics in This Week’s Episode (55:34)

  • Today my guest is Randy Mosher. Randy is author of many of my favorite home brewing books including Mastering Homebrew, Radical Brewing and Tasting Beer (Amazon affiliate links). He is also a certified beer judge and faculty member at the Siebel institute as well as partner in two Chicago area breweries: Five Rabbit and Forbidden Root.
  • Randy explains why each person’s perception of beer really is an individual experience
  • We discuss some of the factors affecting taste and smell as well as the fact that an average person can distinguish a huge number of flavors.
  • Randy explains some of the complexities of taste even though it is probably one of our simplest senses.
  • We discuss the basic taste senses as well as why bitterness is special
  • He explains the nose and how it is a much more sophisticated device.
  • We talk about how our brain actually processes taste and aroma as well as memory to get something we perceive as flavors.
  • Randy also discusses how our mental state, food history and “flavor warning” patterns all play a role in the processing of flavor patterns.
  • We discuss how the sights, sounds, mood, foods we’re eating and other external factors also play a role in beer flavor.
  • Randy shares his thoughts on judging beer including ways to make the process easier.
  • We talk about “The Dopamine Rush of Whales”.
  • Randy shares some final tips on tasting beer.


Thanks to Randy Mosher for appearing on the show and also to you for listening!
iTunes Announcements: I launched a new video channel for the BeerSmith podcast on iTunes, so subscribe now! At the moment it will only feature the new widescreen episodes (#75 and up). Older episodes are available on my revamped Youtube channel. Also all of my audio episodes are on iTunes now – so grab the older episodes if you missed any.

Thoughts on the Podcast?

Leave me a comment below or visit our discussion forum to leave a comment in the podcast section there.

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Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: Toys! Toys! Toys!

Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: Toys! Toys! Toys!

If you’re looking for a fresh new dog toy (or, y’know, 50), you’ve come to the right place! Whether your pup has been naughty or nice this year, there’s a little something for every play style. Happy Howlidays!

Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: Toys! Toys! Toys!

1. Leather Balls from Bone & Bites 2. Braided Ring Toy from Tall Tails 3. Rope Knot Toys from LoveThyBeast 4. Leather Bone Rope Toy from House Dogge 5. MiaCara Pala Toys from For the Furry 6. Cheeky’s Challenge Treat Game from Dog & Co. 7. Harry Barker Skipper Rope Toy from Dog & Co. 8. Canvas Bone Toys from Foggy Doggy 9. Felt Bone Toys from Max Bone 10. Finn Finn Wood Toy from Bone & Bites

Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: Toys! Toys! Toys!

1. Holiday Classic Plush Toy Collection from P.L.A.Y. 2. Lil Snoop Interactive Dog Toys from Planet Dog 3. Gnawt-a-Stick Rubber Toss Toy from Westpaw 4. Plunder the Tree Toy from BARK 5. Loop Rope Toys from Ore Pet 6. Floating Rubber Ring Dog Chew Toy from Goughnuts 7. Naughty Doggy Coal Felt Toy from MODERNBEAST 8. Interactive Chew Toy from Jomilly 9. Holiday Joy Ball from Planet Dog 10. Gingerbread Cookie Toy Set from BARK

Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: Toys! Toys! Toys!

1. Elsie Elephant Plush Toy from Max Bone 2. Lavender Bedtime Bears from MODERNBEAST 3. Fringe Studio Canvas Squirrel Toy from Dog & Co. 4. Ore Pet Cool Cat Rope Toy from Winnie Lou the Canine Co. 5. Scrappy Critter Pack from Tall Tails 6. Crochet Shark Squeaker Toy from Dogo 7. Eco-Friendly Grizzly Plush from West Paw 8. Plush Fish Toy from LoveThyBeast 9. Eco-Friendly Jute Toys from Outback Tails 10. Knit Knacks Baby Sloth Toy from Dog & Co.

Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: Toys! Toys! Toys!

1. Johnny Apple Squeaks Bucket o’ Apples from BARK 2. Crochet Beer Mug Squeak Toy from Dogo 3. Treat-Dispensing Super Fruit Toys from Zee.Dog 4. Orbee-Tuff Eggplant Toy from Planet Dog 5. Canvas Food Toys from MODERNBEAST 6. LickCroix Barkling Water Toy from LoveThyBeast 7. Ware of the Dog Knit Food Toys from For the Furry 8. Wool Felt Veggies from LoveThyBeast 9. Plush Taco Toy from P.L.A.Y. 10. Ore Pet Rope Toys from Winnie Lou the Canine Co.

Dog Milk Holiday Gift Guide: Toys! Toys! Toys!

1. Globetrotter Plush Toy Collection from P.L.A.Y. 2. Crochet Rainbow Heart Squeak Toy from Dogo 3. Dog Brick Puzzle from BARK 4. Mint-Filled Cactus Toy from MODERNBEAST 5. Lunker Floating Throw Toy from Ruffwear 6. Wobble Ball Interactive Toy from P.L.A.Y. 7. Knit Knacks Happy Rainbow Toy from Dog & Co. 8. Qwizl Treat Toys from West Paw 9. Lil Dipper Star Toy from Planet Dog 10. Wish You Were Here Toys from Ore Pet

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