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What Are The Best Toys For Boxers?

What Are The Best Toys For Boxers?

For anyone that has come in contact with a Boxer, you know their love just captures the room. While they’re often most content hanging out with their favorite person, they also love to play with dog toys. However, finding toys that can keep up with their energy can sometimes seem too difficult.

Not to worry, our pup-lovin’ experts have found the perfect toys for them!

Rubber Super Chewer Toys

It’s no secret that Boxer’s have some master chompers and are in need of durable toys to hold up to their chewing. BARK’s Super Chewer Toys are the perfect option for any chewer and the options are endless. Toys similar to “ source url Max the Marching Penguin” can be used in multiple ways, whether it’s for a game of fetch or stuffing treats inside.

BullDog With BarkBox Super Chewer Spooky Spinning Top

If Squeaky Toys are more your Boxer’s style then the “ enter Spooky Spinning Top” will be right up their alley. Made with the same durable material as Max, but with an added squeaker so your pup can squeak away.

Nylon Benebones

Pit Bull with a BarkShop Benebone

Is your Boxer just born to chew? Do edible chews seem to disappear in seconds when they’re around? Then bones like the see url Benebone are the perfect option, whether they’re the wishbone style (above), the Dental Chews, or the Pretzels (flavors include both bacon and peanut butter). These nylon chews are meant to hold up to the toughest of chompers and can provide days hours upon hours of entertainment for your dog.

That’s So Fetch

Does your Boxer just go wild trying to chase their tail (or nub) and find themselves fascinated with chasing the shadows and reflections on the wall? If yes  then your pup is desperately in need of a good game of fetch. There are variety of Fetch Toy options, including the “ Best Balls Ever.” What dog doesn’t like extra bouncy squeaky balls to chase?

BullDog With BarkBox BarkShop Toy Gobble Gus

But if your dog seems to enjoy some extra chomps before bringing the ball back then a more durable rubber ball might be the best way to go. Toys similar to “Gobble Gus” can provide endless bouncing fun because of the groves the toy bounces all over the place.

Thinker Toys

With endless energy, Boxers need something to keep their brains active, especially when they can’t be racing around outside. Puzzle Toys can be beneficial by keeping your pup’s wits honed and helping them burn off some extra energy (either mental or physical). If your Boxer is brainiac, then starting with a toy similar to the “Dog Tornado Puzzle might be more beneficial than just a regular treat-dispensing toy.

However, if your Boxer’s all about the snackin’ and chompin’ then the “Benebone Pawplexer” will be a much better option. This Benebone can be filled with your pups favorite chews, thus giving them hours of fun to free up your hands to get some errands done.

Spiky Core Ball Toys

Mr. Chewniverse Spiky Ball Toy BarkShop BarkBox

We all know a pup that loves to squeak and that has a thing for just ripping through classic Plush Toys. Finding something a little more durable can not only save some money but in the end your pup’s tail will still be waggin’! Toys like “Mr. Chewniverse’s Muscles” and “Penny the Pineapple are meant for those pups who are a little bit more rough on their toys. Featuring the Spiky Core Ball, this toy has 3 layers for your pup to tear through before being destroyed (in fact, it’s almost like 3 toys in 1).


Pit Bull With Super Chewer BarkBox

Does your Boxer enjoy new toys and treats? Do they get excited to see the mailman? Whether your pup is a Super Chewer or not, BarkBox is for you. Our monthly classic BarkBox comes with 2 toys, 2 bags of treats and a chew. While the Super Chewer BarkBox comes with 2 super durable toys, 2 bags of yummy treats and 2 chews. Plus, BARK’s happy team is always available to help you and your pup find the best fit! Reach out to them at

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What Are The Best Toys For Pit Bulls?

What Are The Best Toys For Pit Bulls?

Parents of American Pit Bull Terriers and the many blocky-headed hybrids classified as “Pit Bull-type dogs” know these pups love to play. Toys for Pit Bulls must stimulate their intelligent minds while withstanding their rough-and-tumble play styles.

If your Pittie needs some new playthings, look no further. The following toys are Pibble-tested and pawrent-approved to endure anything your pooch throws at them!

Tuggable Toys

Pitties were born to play tug. It appeals to their competitive nature and gives them a chance to enjoy some interactive fun with a dog friend or favorite human. The best tug toys for Pit Bulls offer more than just a plain old loop of rope. They feature colorful characters to draw their attention, squeakers to enhance the excitement, and multiple protrusions for grabbing and pulling. Check out BARK’s wide range of tuggable toys to find the perfect fit for your Bully.

Fetch Toys

A sleepy dog is a well behaved dog, so give your Pit Bull something worth chasing with a fun, fetchable toy from BARK. We took tennis balls to a whole new level with our blue, fuzzy Best Balls Ever. They’re crazy-bouncy and reward dogs with a satisfyingly loud squeak once snagged. If balls aren’t your Pibble’s thang, BARK also has tons of plush toys tough enough for Pit Bull fetchers.

 Destroyer’s Club Plushies

All dogs love a good plushie. Sadly, most just aren’t built to withstand your playful Pittie’s powerful jaws. That’s why BARK created a line of cute, cuddly plush toys for Pit Bulls and other brawny pups. All of the Plush Toys in the Destroyer’s Club are designed to be thrashed, gnawed and torn. Many even come with a surprise or two.

Spiky Ball Core Plushies

Lady Liberty Spiky Core BarkShop Barkbox

As promised, these particular Destroyer’s Club toys have a surprise bonus inside. Their plush exterior masks a hidden spiky ball center! When it comes to buying toys for Pit Bulls, it’s always a good idea to invest in a backup. With Spiky Ball Core toys, the backup toy is already hiding inside. It’s two for the price of one!

Puzzle Toys

Pit Bull With BarkBox Casino Puzzle Toy

Did I mention that Pibbles are extremely intelligent? While this is great news for pawrents who love to brag, it could lead to boredom and anxiety for your pup. That’s where Puzzle Toys come in. These intricate contraptions consist of multiple panels, levers and compartments. When filled with treats, they stimulate your dog’s belly and brain, enticing him to think, paw and gnaw for a solution.

Toys For Your Super Chewer

Pit Bull with BarkBox Super Chewer Bacon Pawplexor

Tough chewables are essential toys for Pit Bulls, unless you’d prefer them to gnaw on your sofa. Some like the yielding texture of rubber of a “Wobblin’ Walter,” while others prefer sturdier nylon chew toys like the Benebones. For food-motivated chewers, try a toy you can stuff with treats, e.g, “Max the Marching Penguin.” Similar to Puzzle Toys, these challenge your pup’s body and mind to shake, toss and paw the toy in order to get their reward.

Need help finding the best toys for Pit Bulls?

If you’re not sure where to find the best toys for Pit Bulls – or which toys your Pittie is sure to love – try the Super Chewer BarkBox. With the Super Chewer BarkBox, you’ll get a carefully curated box stuffed with two top-quality original toys, two bags of treats, and two delicious meaty chews delivered straight to your door every month.

Have questions on how to find the best toys for Pit Bulls? Reach out to our pup-obsessed team at – we’re happy to help!

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What Gifts Do I Get For My Dog’s Birthday?

What Gifts Do I Get For My Dog’s Birthday?

Every year, pup parents eagerly await the most important date on the calendar: their dog’s birthday! (Or adoptiversary, if you prefer.)

But let’s be real – you probably shower your dog with love, praise, and table scraps on a daily basis. So what gifts can make your dog’s birthday especially pawsome? Read on to find out.

The Best Dog Birthday Present Of All: BarkBox!

Hound BarkBox Birthday Hat

Why do humans celebrate canine birthdays only once a year? That’s once every seven years to a dog!

Keep the party going year-round with BarkBox – a subscription service that delivers dogs’ dreams every month. With BarkBox, you and your dog will receive 2 original toys, 2 all-natural and delicious bags of treats, and a meaty chew, all curated around a really fun viral-photo-worthy theme. (See: New York City and Knights of the Hound Table.)

It’s the perfect excuse to throw a theme party for your pup every month. And best of all, it’s the gift that keeps on giving for the dog that gives you everything.

Birthday Pawty-Themed Toys

Is your dog a party animal? Of course they are! Well, nothing says “Happy Barkday!” quite like the “Party Animal” collection of toys and accessories at BarkShop.

Pug and Two Dogs BarkDay BarkBox Toys

After sending out the invitations to all your dog and human friends, make your dog’s big day extra festive with a “Funfuzzi Cake,” a “Party On Hat,” some “Heli-yum Balloons,” a “Full o’ Fluff Piñata,” a “Happy BarkDay! Banner,” and a whole lot more!

Of course, if you’d prefer, you can get one of the Birthday Toy Bundles like the “Big Ol’ Bash Bundle,” which comes with a free Barkday! Banner.

Food Lover’s Festivities

Throw your food-crazed Fido a smellebration they’ll never forget. Soft-baked treats are the perfect birthday cuisine for your pup.

With a variety of flavors including Central Pork Pizza, Barklyn Bacon BagelsPumpkin Spice, and of course, Birthday (BarkDay) Bites, there’s yummy treat for every palette. Forget French patisseries, one sniff of these soft-baked treats will have your dog drooling faster than Pavlov! (Starting at $5)

Celebrate Your Senior!

Does your 14-year-old dog have the spirit of a 4-year-old pup? Help their bodies feel as young as their minds do! Give your senior dog the greatest gift by committing to improve her health and quality of life. Supplements are great for easing your dog through common aging ailments like joint health, and they’re yummy and easy to chew to boot.

Pit Bull BarkBox Birthday Treats

Birthdays are also the perfect excuse to fire up your senior dog’s inner puppy! Keep your older pup’s mind sharp as a tack with Puzzle Toys. These toys – also known as Thinker Toys – excite your dog’s mind, their nose, and their treat taste buds. Plus, they don’t require much physical activity, so your aging pup can have tons of fun while simultaneously being comfortable.

Come on, who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

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Why Do Dogs Play With Toys?

It turns out that toys aren’t just things your dog likes to play with – they actually serve a vital purpose in a dog’s mental and physical development. They’re also powerful tools for behavior modification.

The truth of the matter is that your dog isn’t really thinking of any of these things when they pull their favorite toy out of the basket – they’re just interested in having a grand old time. But just because your dog isn’t thinking about why they’re so focused on shredding their new Super Chewer toy or yanking on a tug bug, it doesn’t mean there aren’t deeper reasons behind playing around in the first place.

Let’s take a look at some of the types of toys dogs like to play with and what drives some of their behaviors during playtime.

Why Do Dogs Play With Fetch Toys?

Dog Playing With BarkBox Best Balls Ever

Long before we thought of dogs simply as our good buddies, they served various utilities in households around the world. One of those utilities was hunting and/or retrieving food. That behavior has been cooked into many breeds’ DNA over thousands of years. It’s natural and even pleasurable for a dog to seek out and return things to their human.

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaker Toys?

There are a few different theories as to why dogs love the totally pleasant, wonderfully soothing sounds emitted by a squeaker toy.

Pit Bull Playing with BarkBox Toy

The first theory has to do with genetics. Despite the fact that your sweet doggo might fit in a tote bag, they’re only a few evolutionary steps removed from their wolf ancestors. And wolves hunt other creatures for dinner. Those creatures tend to make a lot of noise while being hunted. Go figure! So when your dog goes wild on their favorite squeaker, what they’re actually doing is responding to their instinct to hunt (and destroy) their “prey.”

Dogs also love getting attention from their humans. And guess what? There are few things more effective at getting a human to stop whatever they’re doing and pay attention to their dog than the incessant yelps of a squeaker.

Why Do Dogs Like Chewing Toys?

Big dog with super chewer toy

Dogs explore the world and interact with it differently than their human counterparts. Where a human might use their hand to do something, a dog uses their mouth. Naturally, this leads to a lot of chewing. Their are many different explanations as to why a dog might chew something, but one of the most obvious ones is that the thing your dog is chewing on tastes or smells downright delicious. High-energy or anxious dogs also tend to chew a lot as a way to relieve boredom or stress.

Why Dogs Like To Destroy Plush Toys?

As we’ve already discussed, there are a variety of genetic or breeding factors that lead to a dog’s desire to chew, tug, retrieve, pull, and so on. Because of the wealth and variety of breeds around the world, there is no single reason as to why dogs shred their toys. The shred because they’re bored, they shred because it’s in their nature, but most of the time, they shred because it’s fun!

For a more thorough in-depth take on the topic of dog toy destruction, check out this article.

If your dog has a habit of destroying toys – and you’d really rather they not – consider getting them some Super Chewer options at BarkShop (or a Super Chewer BarkBox subscription). Even the toughest of canine teeth will have trouble ripping a hard rubber “Max the Marching Penguin” or a Benebone Pawplexer to shreds.

Why Do Dogs Like Tug Toys?

Dogs With BarkBox Tug ToyAs with some of the other behaviors we’ve discussed, a dog’s love of tugging comes down to two things: 1) Playing tug o’ war with humans or even other dogs gives your dog the opportunity to bond and spend time with friends new and old. 2) The push and pull aspect activates your dog’s predation instincts. In the wild, killing prey often involves the pulling, twisting, and snapping motions your dog uses during tug of war.

Why Are Puzzle Toys Good For Dogs?

Dachshund Wiener Dog With BarkBox Puzzle Toy Tornado

Dogs are thinkers. They’re naturally inquisitive and they love exploring. One thing they certainly don’t like to be is bored. Puzzle or Thinker Toys are a great way to keep dogs engaged, especially if they’re home alone for extended periods of time.

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Oregon Beer News, 11/14/2018

Oregon Beer, Hopworks Urban BreweryHappy National Pickle Day! Nope, nothing else nominally to do with beer or today’s news other than I am amused by it. Perhaps I’ll run across some Oregon beer and pickle news to share today; nothing on the immediate radar but I will be updating this post throughout the day with news as I find it so you never know—check back from time to time to see!

Hopworks Urban Brewery (Portland): Today HUB is releasing the first of its Holiday Beer Series with release parties at all locations starting at 5pm: “On November 14th, we’re kicking off the Holiday season with our first beers of our Holiday Beer Series: Noggin Floggin and Kentucky Christmas. Starting at 5pm we will be tapping both beers at all 3 pubs. A limited batch of bottles will be available for sale at all pubs.” Noggin Floggin is a big, burly barleywine, and Kentucky Christmas is Abominable Winter Ale aged in bourbon barrels. And there will be more coming in the Holiday Beer Series in December.

Caves Bier & Kitchen (Corvallis) is welcoming Portland’s Level Beer for its monthly tasting series tonight from 5 to 7pm: “Join us for our Monthly Tasting series with Level Brewing Company from Portland! The fun runs from 5-7pm November 14th! See you there! We’ll have small plates from our kitchen paired with with four of their awesome beers on tap. A representative from the brewery will be in house to talk all things beer and be able to answer any questions!” You can check out the beers that will be pouring on the Facebook event page here.

McMenamins Thompson Brewery (Salem) has its monthly limited-edition beer tasting tonight from 5 to 7pm, with brewer Jen Kent on hand pouring a specialty beer: Shattered Pumpkin. Kent says: “We are doing the Shattered Pumpkin tonight! It’s a fun twist on an altbier that we brewed up. It’s got pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg blended with a classic altbier malt bill. On tap at 11 when we open and from 5 to 7 you can grab your limited edition beer stamp and grab a brewery tour to boot.” You will definitely want to stop by!

ABV Public House (Hillsboro) is a Speedway Stout night, featuring Alesmith Brewing’s eponymous stout, from 5 to 8pm: “Come celebrate Alesmith’s amazing Speedway Stout in many of its beautiful forms! Tap List:
2018 Celestial Dawn: Modern Times Cold Brew
2016 Hawaiian: Coconut, Vanilla, Ka’u Coffee
2016 Mokasida: Ethiopian Coffee
2017 Nibs ‘n’ Beans: Vanilla, Cocoa Nibs, & Colombian Coffee
2017 Thai: Coffee, Coconut, Ginger, Lime, Lemongrass, & Basil
2017 Vietnamese: Blend of four Vietnamese coffees, known in Vietnam as cà phê sa đá
2018 Barrel-Aged Mexican
And of course the OG Speedway Stout”

The Bier Stein (Eugene) is teaming up with Bend’s Worthy Brewing to give away a special snowboard, the drawing for which will take place on December 31; but the kick off party is tonight: “Worthy Brewing is giving away a Strata IPA branded snowboard from Sno Planks on New Years Eve! Starting on Thursday, November 14th you can enter to win every time you enjoy a pint of Worthy beer. Raffle tickets are also available for $1 each and all proceeds will benefit A Family for Every Child. The kick off party is from 5-7pm and the first 24 patrons to enjoy a Worthy brew, will get to take home a branded pint glass. The final drawing for the snowboard will take place on December 31st at 8pm and you must be present to win. Happy Holidays!” (It appears you can also stop at Worthy Brewing to enter.)

Belmont Station (Portland) is hosting AleSong Brewing this evening for a “Blender’s Circle” pickup and chance to meet owner and blender Matt Van Wyk: “If you are a Blenders Circle member this is your Portland opportunity to pick up your allocation of this quarter’s beers. If you are not a member but have questions or have been meaning to sign up, come down chat with Matt and do it!” There will be four AleSong beers on tap as well as two available in a limited number of bottles. The event runs from 5 to 8pm.

Misty Mountain Brewing (Brookings) recently relocated, and this Friday the 16th is the grand opening of the new location. The new address is 625 Chetco Avenue, Suite 120.

Osmo’s Alehouse (Medford) has new beers on tap: “What’s new? The Honey Nut Brown and an Old School IPA now on tap.”

Stickmen Brewing (Lake Oswego) is expanding and installed new hardware: “Three new tanks! Recently we signed on with 2 more distributors, one in the Bay Area (@geyserbeverage) and another (@bigfootbeverages) to expand our reach in Oregon. We’re proud to grow into these new areas and thank all our great fans for continuing to drink our beer!”

MadCow Brewing (Portland) has its seasonal Nordic Highland Winter Saison on tap: “Inspired by the brisk winter nights on the farm, we created this dark saison with the many shades of winter in mind. It begins with aromas of roasted toffee, with a touch of espresso to back it up. Using a combination of light and dark wheats, in addition to Abbey-style malts you get a medium bodied dark farmhouse ale with roasted notes of dark stone fruit, coffee, molasses, and a hint of cocoa in the background. It has a dry finish and is warming to the palate. It will pair well with any holiday meal.”

Portland’s Ruse Brewing put a special beer on tap this afternoon: “Surprise! We just tapped our 2018 Foeder Aged Sour Blonde Ale with Peaches. This is the one and only keg of this beer that will available until 2019. When it’s gone it’s gone!”

De Garde Brewing (Tillamook) posted an update about new beers available: “We have an addition to our to-go list, with a new favorite… The Blackberry! Beautiful and spicily layered Oregon blackberry character lends some further nuance to the funky and nearly two year old spontaneous base. It is darn delightful. It is delicious. We are also adding a little brother to our Frederiksdal cherry wine demijon; Rancio will now be available by the glass! a multi year aged tart cherry wine that begins its life in glass jars in the Rancio tradition, and is then further aged in Cognac barrels after. Damn good. We are excited to share.”

Evasion Brewing (McMinnville) has a new specialty beer out this week: “We couldn’t be more excited to release YAMHILL PUNCH in 750mL cork and cage this week. An American Wild Ale over a year in the making. Starting as a Millet Saison with Mosaic hops, aged in red and white wine barrels from around the county, aged on Pinot grapes and Riesling juice. Yamhill Punch rested a year in barrels and was finished with foraged blackberries and plums.”

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Buffalo Plaid Dog Scarf from Wildebeest

Buffalo Plaid Dog Scarf from Wildebeest

Buffalo Plaid Dog Scarf from Wildebeest

Brrr! There’s a nip in the air, which means it’s time for bundling up! Keep your pup cozy and looking oh-so-adorable with this limited edition buffalo plaid scarf from Wildebeest. Made from super soft fleece, this scarf features an adjustable (and removable) webbing strap to make bundling and unbundling a breeze. The scarf can be worn folded or fully extended for added warmth depending on the conditions and it also features reflective trim in case of nighttime use! Snag one from Wildebeest:

Buffalo Plaid Dog Scarf from Wildebeest

Buffalo Plaid Dog Scarf from Wildebeest

Buffalo Plaid Dog Scarf from Wildebeest

Buffalo Plaid Dog Scarf from Wildebeest

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What Are Good Dog Treats For Joints?

Dogs: they’re just like us! Well, not exactly. But they can experience joint pain and arthritis just like we do. After all, bones and joints are the pretty much the same everywhere. And like humans, dogs can take supplements to help alleviate joint pain and increase joint health. Read on to see a few of our favorite options!

BARK Glucosamine Supplement For Hip & Joints

weimaraner eating barkbox joint supplement

These treats are all-natural and veterinarian-formulated with glucosamine, MSM, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid, all of which will help keep your dog’s joints oiled up and healthy so he can keep active. ($32.99 for 150 treats.)

CBD Treats

CBD is a holistic, nonpsychoative compound derived from cannabis. Basically, it can provide the pain relief to your pup without any of the THC. Treats made with CBD will help bring down inflammation in dogs’ joints and help them rest easier.

(NOTE: It typically takes more than a single dose of CBD – and sometimes up to two weeks’ worth – to see results.)

BARK CBD Chicken Biscuits:

Bark Chicken CBD Treats for dog with joint pain

These handcrafted treats are made with premium, human-grade ingredients including  full-spectrum CBD hemp oil and are available for both small and large dogs. (Starting at $24.30 for 4 oz. jar of 25 treats.)

Small Breed Blueberry & Cranberry CBD Biscuits:

Dog Eating Barkshop CBD treats

These CBD treats are an all-natural hemp snack that should bring down the inflammation in your dogs’ joints. ($18 per bag.)

Old Mother Hubbard Mother’s Solutions Treats

The hip and joint variety of these treats is formulated with glucosamine and chondroitin, which both aid in joint health. These treats will help keep your dog active, and he’ll love the taste! ($7.99 for 20 ounces.)

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What Are The Best Toys For Big Dogs?

What Are The Best Toys For Big Dogs?

Not all dog toys are created equal. The toys that appeal to an eight-pound Toy Poodle just aren’t going to be the best toys for big dogs. When your canine companion is roughly the size of a grade schooler, you need dog toys that are durable, entertaining, and large enough not to produce a choking hazard.

But where exactly can you find toys like this? Read on to find out!

Fetch Toys

Terrier Dog with BarkBox Orbee Globe Fetch Ball

Big dogs have big legs. And typically, they like to use those big legs to run. That’s why Fetch Toys are such a great option for larger breeds. Playing fetch with your pup will make sure they get plenty of entertainment and exercise. Plus, fetch a great way to work off any excess energy (which will keep your big dog from getting into big trouble).

Tug Toys

Big dog with tug toy

Big dogs play tug of war any chance they get. But without a proper toy to tug on, chances are they’ll tug at whatever they can get their paws on (like the leg of your pants). That’s why Tug Toys are such a great option for larger dogs. Tug Toys feature a handle or rope for you, and then your pup can tug away without you losing your grip. (Plus, you can rest easy knowing your pup won’t try to tug your pants off).

Plush Toys

Big dog with plush toys

Kids are never too big for a sweet stuffed animal. And dogs are never too big for Plush Toys!

When it comes to choosing a plush toy, they key is to make sure it’s both large enough and durable enough to withstand your pup’s large chompers. Anything too small or too easy to destroy and you’ll have to replace your plush toys every five minutes.

If you want to make a plush toy even more fun for your pup, try Spiky Core Ball toys. These toys have a “hidden surprise” inside their plush—a durable, squeaky, spiky ball. So once your pup destroys the plush (which big dogs will do!), they have an entirely new toy waiting for them in the center!

Thinker Toys

Australian Shepherd and dog puzzle toy barkbox barkshop

It’s just as important to work your dog’s brain as it is to work their body. Which is why Thinker Toys are one of the best toys for big dogs. Thinker Toys work by incorporating “hidden” treats into the toy. These toys can either be a hard puzzle (like one made out of wood) or a soft puzzle (like one made out of plastic). But the key is, your dog has to work to figure out how to remove the treat (or treats!) from the toy.

Think of Thinker Toys as puzzles for pups. They can keep your big dog engaged and challenged for hours at a time.

Super Chewer Toys

Big dog with chew toy

Big dogs are notorious for ripping through toys like they’re going out of style. Which is why durability is such an important feature when shopping for toys for your large pup. Super Chewer toys can withstand even the largest, most active chompers – making them a solid choice for larger breeds.

Bonus: Super Chewer toys are one of the best toys for big dogs. But they can also be a great tool for teething – which makes them one of the best toys for big puppies. If you have a large puppy that chews up a storm, a Super Chewer toy is a must.

Need Help Finding The Best Toys For Big Dogs?

Big dog with Super Chewer Box

If you’re not sure where to find the best toys for big dogs – or which toys your big pup is sure to love – try the Super Chewer BarkBox. With the Super Chewer BarkBox, you’ll get a carefully curated collection of top-quality toys (2), treat bags (2), and meaty chews (2) delivered straight to your door every month. And we tailor each delivery to your dog’s size, so you’ll only get the best for your big dog!

Have questions on how to find the best toys for big dogs? Reach out to our pup-obsessed team at – we’re happy to help!

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What Are The Best Toys For Great Danes?

What Are The Best Toys For Great Danes?

Great Danes get a reputation for being the largest lap dogs. While it’s true they’ll find any possible way to sit on top of you, they also love to bond with their families during play time. Once you start playing with a Great Dane, you’ll see just how mesmerizing their running, spinning, and surprisingly graceful jumping can be.

The point is, Great Danes love to play. Either with you or with dog toys. But what are the best toy options for Great Danes? Read on to find out.

The Fluff-Free Experience

At BarkShop, there are a couple of different options for a great fluff-free toy experience. One of the most famous of these categories is the Spiky Ball Core toy, of which the “Lady Liberty Ball” is the most popular. Each Spiky Ball comes covered in a fun, durable plush, as you can see below. And if your dog manages to remove the covering, don’t worry – the ball is bouncy, squeaky, and fun to chew on, thanks to the spikes.

Lady Liberty Spiky Core BarkShop Barkbox

Another great fluff-less option is the Super Chewer category of toys. They’re for the heavy chewing Great Danes out there, the ones who destroy Plush Toys with frequency and ease. They include durable rubber toys like “Wobblin’ Walter.

A Time To Tug

You’ll want to keep Tug Toys around for your Great Dane since they have a habit of spinning and zooming around the house while thrashing their rope toys around. It’s hilarious to watch!

Pit Bull Playing Tug With BarkBox Toy

Another way to play with a Tug Toy is to grasp one end of the rope and entice your pup to take it from you. Try dragging the rope slowly in front of them or dangling it just out of their reach. Trust us, it’ll be impossible for your Great Dane to resist!

Bonus tip: Look for longer tug toys so that you and your pup can both easily grab the toy. The “Pupcorn Garland” is 20 inches long and has a squeaker in each piece of pupcorn.

Where Are The Treats??

Since Great Danes can be couch-potatoes when they want to, sometimes you do need to entice them to be active.

Pit Bull Chewing Max Marching Penguin BarkBox Toy

This is where a treat holding toy can come in handy. It’s easy to get into the habit of putting peanut butter into treat-holding toys, but let’s mix it up! Take a portion of your Great Dane’s meals each day and turn it into an activity for them. Grab a cup of your dog’s food, soak it in half a cup of water, and store it overnight in the fridge. Then stuff the moist food into the treat holding toy – say, the “Max the Marching Penguin.” If your Great Dane tends to get all their food out of the toy, within 1-2 minutes, pop the food-stuffed toy into the freezer overnight to create a more difficult challenge.

Bonus tip: When picking a treat holding toy, check to make sure the size of the opening is easy enough for a dish brush to fit into. This will make clean up so much easier! The aforementioned “Max the Marching Penguin” will easily accommodate most dish brushes and be strong enough to withstand your Great Dane’s chompers.

Just Keep Chewing

The need to chew is a basic instinct for dogs, including Great Danes. Chewing aides in maintaining dental health and can even help to relieve anxiety. If your Great Dane loves to chew, you might want to find the perfect chew for them!

Pit Bull Chewing a BarkBox Benebone

Benebones are one excellent option since they come in a variety of different shapes and flavors. You can get the bacon dental chews, or a BARK pretzel, or even a treat-holding Pawplexer.

Bonus tip: If this is your Great Dane’s first time chewing on a Benebone, maybe start with the version pictured above. The wishbone shape has plenty of easy spots for your pup to grab onto with their abnormally large paws!

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