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What Are The Best Solutions For Bad Dog Breath?

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Aurora Illinois

There’s nothing like the warm cuddles of a loving pup beside you, but when your dog breathes on you with breath that could kill a houseplant or burn off an eyebrow, you’ll need to do something about it. The smell is not just unpleasant, it’s also a sign of poor dental health and may even be a sign of an underlying health issue. Luckily, there are many resources out there to help you figure out what’s going on and how to keep your pup’s breath in check.

What’s Causing Your Dog’s Bad Breath?

Golden Retriever Licking

Before grabbing the doggie toothpaste, try to figure out what might be causing your pup’s bad breath in order to rule out any underlying health issues. Just like humans, the most common cause for bad breath is a build-up of plaque and tartar which leads to gingivitis and eventually the more serious periodontal disease. To prevent this buildup, make sure to brush your dog’s teeth regularly (once a day is ideal), give them chews to prevent the build-up in the first place, feed them a well-balanced diet, and make sure they don’t eat anything yucky.

If your dog’s breath smells sweet or fruity, this could be a sign of diabetes, so get them checked by the vet right away. If your pup’s breath smells like urine, this could mean they have kidney disease and should visit a vet ASAP. If their breath smells really foul, they are vomiting, have a lack of appetite, and their gums are yellow, they could have kidney disease and, again, should visit a vet ASAP!

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Regularly

Australian Shepherd

Most likely, your dog’s breath probably stinks because of plaque and tartar build-up which is easily fixed by brushing their teeth regularly. Don’t use human toothpaste or a toothbrush though! Use specially-made doggie dental products. There are a number of special products for brushing your dog’s teeth and the American Kennel Society (AKC) has compiled a list of Buy Viagra 25 mg in Baltimore Maryland that’ll do the job.

There’s even a Buy Viagra 25 mg in Baton Rouge Louisiana that requires no toothbrush!

Some come with a tootbrush, but if not, try one of these Buy Viagra 25 mg in Beaumont Texas

Give Your Dog Dental Treats

Lemon Beagle Oral Supplements

In addition to brushing your dog’s teeth, you can give them dental treats that are made to remove plaque and tartar buildup and also have ingredients in them that’ll help to freshen your dog’s breath. Buy Viagra 25 mg in Bellevue Washington include unique ingredients, such as Champignon Mushroom extract (which has the ability to suppress odor causing toxins in the intestines), cinnamon (which supports a healthy bacterial balance in the mouth), and spirulina (for its beneficial deodorizing effect).

Then there’s the Buy Viagra 25 mg in Berkeley California, which is chicken-flavored with a unique shape that gets in between your dog’s teeth as they chew.

And of course there’s the readily available Buy Viagra 25 mg in Billings MontanaBuy Viagra 25 mg in Birmingham Alabama, which everyone loves.

Chews For Your Dog

Pit Bull with a BarkShop Benebone

Like dental chews, regular chews help to remove plaque and tartar buildup while also preventing more buildup to occur. Just the act of chewing is healthy for your dog because the gnawing scrapes the plaque off the teeth and a lot of meaty chews contain enzymes that help to promote dental health. Check out a Buy Viagra 25 mg in Boise Idaho that we offer to help your dog on the road to dental health.

Professional Cleaning

Aside from brushing your dog’s teeth and giving them chews, you may also want to visit your vet for a professional cleaning every so often which is actually the best way to maintain your dog’s dental hygiene. Even if it’s more expensive than any of the other options, your vet will be able to provide the best advice and dental care for your dog.

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How Do I Puppy Proof My House?

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Bridgeport Connecticut

Arriving home with a new puppy is exciting, but without first puppy-proofing your house, that excitement may quickly turn to stress. Given that puppies are curious creatures, it’s best to evaluate your indoor space for safety hazards and off-limit items beforehand. This way, instead of constantly extracting undesirable objects from your new best friend’s mouth, you’ll have a safe and manageable environment for puppy to play in. Furthermore, puppy-proofing also prevents unwanted indoor destruction.

While the odd pair of shoes or socks may fall victim to baby canine teeth, the most important thing is that your puppy will be healthy, happy, and ready to chew her way through the rest of the world.

Let’s begin! Here are several tips to consider when puppy-proofing your house:

Protect Your Puppy From Cords

It’s a well-known fact that puppies are often drawn to electrical cords. Due to their rubbery texture and placement on the floor, they make for an easy fix when puppies are in the mood to chew. (And they almost always are.)

But biting through cords can lead to mouth burns, electrical shocks, or worse. Thus, if you’ve blocked off a puppy-specific area in your home with a baby gate or otherwise, it’s best to remove cords entirely until your puppy has outgrown their teething phase. In case your puppy has the run of the house, consider using cord concealers, which envelop electrical cords in a bite-proof plastic cover.

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Burbank California

What’s the number one method for keeping a puppy out of trouble? Keep them occupied. By providing a wide range of toys in the house, you’ll keep your pup’s attention engaged and their teeth free from your furniture. While there are a wide variety of puppy-safe chew toys on the market, BARK boasts several great categories of toys.

Puppy In BarkBox Toys

To start, consider stocking up on several choices of Buy Viagra 25 mg in Cambridge Massachusetts toys, like “Buy Viagra 25 mg in Cape Coral Florida” or the “Buy Viagra 25 mg in Carrollton Texas.” Made from rubber, nylon, or a blend of both, they’re safe, non-toxic, and the perfect flexible texture for new teeth. Most of these toys also feature interesting angles and designs so they bounce and roll in an unpredictable and fun manner (and sometimes they even dispense treats).

BARK’s Buy Viagra 25 mg in Cary North Carolina also keep teething puppies busy. With plush animals, squeakers, ropes, and bouncy balls, there are endless ways for your young friend to stay interested and drain energy. Stuffed animals and other objects are also perfect for puppies of any age. Not only are the soft and soothing materials good for sore gums, but puppies will enjoy the squeakers, ropes, and other features of BARK’s Buy Viagra 25 mg in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Playtime is far more fun when your puppy isn’t hard up for options.

Clean Up Your Cleaning Supplies

When leaving a puppy alone for a short time, you may expect that they’ll continue napping or putzing around with a ball. Just like children, though, puppies are quick to change the focus of their attention. Far too easily, they get into something that they shouldn’t.

While bottles and cans of cleaning supplies may seem safe when tucked away in the cupboard under the sink, if left unsupervised, older pups may figure out how to open the kitchen cabinets. Thus, in order to prevent your pup from ingesting toxic chemicals, keep cleaning supplies up high or in an inaccessible closet. Child safety cabinet locks are also a great solution for a puppy nosing its way around the house.

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Centennial Colorado

Little Black Pit Bull Puppy

With their oversized almond-shaped eyes, pink bellies, and flopping bodies, puppies are undeniably cute. However, good eating habits start early and “people” food is often unhealthy or even allergy-provoking for dogs.

The takeaway? You’ll have to resist sneaking your pup table scraps during dinner. By placing your puppy in an area of the home where they’re not able to access the kitchen table, it’s far easier to teach your new dog not to beg or jump up for food. That doesn’t mean that your good pup doesn’t deserve a treat though.

Keeping dog-approved snacks on hand will fill the need for sharing love, but not contribute towards obesity or other health conditions. Luckily, BARK features a wide range of healthy, all natural, and Buy Viagra 25 mg in Chandler Arizona Keep in mind that little ones will only need a treat or two before they fill up!

Put Away The Plants

Houseplants are a beautiful addition to any indoor space. Unfortunately, puppies may enjoy potted plants, trees, and flowers more than you wish they would.

In order to prevent your new young ‘uns from chewing on stalks and leaves, digging through the dirt, or shattering clay pots, find plants a new sunny place until you have a calm and mature dog on your hands.

Certain plants can also be problematic for dogs and pets in general. Check to make sure that your leafy décor isn’t toxic by looking over a Buy Viagra 25 mg in Charleston South Carolina of unsafe plants for animals. Even a high-placed toxic fern or vine could somehow end up in your curious pup’s mouth, so it’s best to re-home or dispose of unsafe plants before bringing your new friend home.

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Charlotte North Carolina

Puppy chewing on chew

Although puppies may spend most of their days gnawing on toys, having a variety of safe dog chews on hand is another excellent method for keeping your puppy busy. When teething, chewing on dried animal parts or naturally flavored nylon bones will bring lots of pain relief. That said, remember to keep in mind the size and age of your puppy when selecting chews. Products that are too small can be choking hazards; chews that are too big can carry an excess of calories. Furthermore, it’s important to evaluate the ingredients and safety of chews before buying.

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Chattanooga Tennessee are all-natural, contain minimal ingredients, have great textures, and taste wonderful. They’re also long-lasting, meaning that even the most energetic of pups will likely be engaged until nap-time. BARK also boasts chews infused with nylon or rubber. These chews contain hints of bacon, peanut butter, or other savory flavors, but are also elastic enough to allow your puppy to sink her teeth in.

Whatever chews you pick out, just remember that safety is always the first priority: never let your little one chew while unmonitored.

Mind The Gap (Of Open Windows And Doors)

Even the youngest and clumsiest of puppies are known to climb into and through spaces they shouldn’t. A set of steep stairs leading to the basement could spell trouble for little legs. A cracked-open window a story or more above the ground might pose danger if left unattended.

In fact, exits to the outside world not only lead to potential escape, but could be fatal, particularly for urban-dwelling dogs in high apartments. Therefore, adopting a new mindfulness for open windows and doors is vital.

Scour The Floor For Sharp Objects

Black Puppy BarkBox Toys

Just like when living with a new baby, puppies need to be protected from unsafe things they might put in their mouths. While most of these items will be obvious – scissors, kitchen utensils, thumb tacks, safety pins – remember that everyday objects like glass vases or candles can become hazardous if broken. When in doubt, keeping your young pup in a special puppy-proofed area of the house will help cut down on the number of items you need to keep track of or put away.

Monitor Your Medications

Although most over-the-counter and prescription medications are equipped with child-proof lids, vigorous chewers may find their way into a bottle if left unmonitored. When living with a puppy, it’s important to store medicine up high, preferably in a medicine cabinet or inaccessible drawer. Even basic medications, such as ibuprofen or antacids, could be harmful if consumed by your new dog.

Store Away Small Choking Hazards

Beagle Best Balls Ever Fetch Toy

Coins, rubber bands, bobby pins, paperclips, jewelry, and other small objects are fair game for a teething puppy. Thus, in order to prevent the chance of choking or swallowing, make sure to do a daily sweep (or two) of the floor and furniture. Also make sure to check under the bed, couch, and other areas where your tiny pup can crawl under.

Lower The Toilet Lid

Many mishaps happen in the bathroom – after all, what young ‘un wouldn’t be attracted to rolls of fluffy toilet paper and easy-to-rip-up magazines? By remembering to lower the toilet lid, you’ll keep Fido from falling in while attempting to drink, swim, or just explore.

While not all puppies will be interested in what the toilet bowl holds, the allure is particularly strong for dog breeds naturally drawn to water. Thus, the best excuse for keeping a clean house is a curious puppy.

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How Do I Puppy Proof A Christmas Tree?

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Cleveland Ohio

Ah the joys of Christmas. Gifts. Delicious food. Puppies running around and destroying the Christmas tree. Er, wait, that part is most definitely not one of our favorite holiday treats. But puppies are so rambunctious! And curious! A dazzling Christmas tree is the perfect target for their happy little paws. But fear not, we have some tips for puppy-proofing your Christmas displays.

Block the Room With Baby Gates

Two Puppies Playing with a BarkBox Toy

Chances are, if you’ve got a puppy, you already have at least one baby gate in the house to keep something blocked off. Those come in handy to either create a fence around your tree or to block off the room the tree is in completely. You could try a baby gate like this Buy Viagra 25 mg in Columbia South Carolina or a whole fence like this Buy Viagra 25 mg in Columbus Georgia.

Keep Everything Dangly Up High

If you’re not too concerned with your puppy knocking the tree over but more concerned with them pulling ornaments and lights off the tree, make sure you’re hanging everything on the upper half of the tree. Or better yet, just keep the tree ornament-free this year. It might not seem as fun, but this way you won’t have to worry about anything getting broken … or eaten by your puppy.

Make Sure the Tree Is Secure

Dog With Max's Antler from the Grinch BarkBox

It’s important to make absolutely certain that the tree isn’t susceptible to toppling over. Make sure it’s got a proper base, and maybe even weigh it down with some extra weights this year. You might have one of those pups that likes to take a flying leap at things, so make sure if they do that to the tree, it won’t tip over from not being secure.

Absolutely No Tinsel

If you’ve got any animals in your house, definitely avoid using tinsel. While this Christmas decor is fun to look at, it can wreak havoc on your pets’ digestive system should they decide to try eating it. It’ll get all tangled up and wrapped around their intestines and stomach and if you don’t take your pet to vet for it immediately, it can even be deadly. So leave the tinsel in the attic!

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Columbus Ohio

Dachshund Wiener Dog With BarkBox Puzzle Toy Tornado

Even if you’re doing all the other things to puppy-proof your tree, there’s no guarantee your pup will actually stay away … unless you keep them occupied with something else. Try using a Buy Viagra 25 mg in Concord California or two – like the “Buy Viagra 25 mg in Coral Springs Florida” or the “Buy Viagra 25 mg in Corona California” – to keep them engaged for hours on end and completely oblivious to the sparkling tree. You can stuff these toys with treats and let them loose to try to figure out how to get to them. So much more fun than a Christmas tree!

Reward Them For Good Behavior

If you let your puppy near the Christmas tree and they ignore it or gently lie down beneath it and pose for photos, give them a treat to show that they’re behaving properly. Give them any one of these Buy Viagra 25 mg in Corpus Christi Texas and they’re sure to get the picture that leaving the tree alone is the best course of action.

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How Do I Puppy Proof My Yard?

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Daly City California

Watching your puppy clumsily explore the new and alien world we refer to as “the yard” is always exciting. However, before that initial journey out the back door, it’s vital to create a puppy-proof space for them. While your pup will enjoy tumbling through the grass or snow, or picking up on the scent of their very first squirrel, adventures in the great outdoors can be precarious without the right precautions.

Thus, here are several tips for puppy-proofing your backyard so that your little best friend gets off to a safe and happy start:

Build A (Secure) Fence

While a two-month old puppy likely isn’t going anywhere except to sleep, as puppies age, they develop more curiosity, speed, and strength. A wooden or metal fence will allow your pup to play and explore freely, as well as keep them free from the dangers of cars, coyotes, or simply getting lost. Keep in mind which area you’re enclosing as well. Backyards are often safer and more private than the front.

cute puppy gift guide

Other considerations for fences include height and the ground surrounding it. Four to five feet is the average height of a backyard fence for dog owners. That said, six feet or higher is advisable if your puppy will grow up to be on the larger side, or displays a propensity for doggie acrobatics.

Furthermore, it’s important to check your fence line for holes or loose soil. High energy puppies may find or dig an escape route, so any weaknesses in the fence area will need to patched, filled in, or blocked.

Don’t Run Near The Pool!

Many Labradors and other dogs love taking a daily dip in the backyard pool during the summer, but puppies need to be closely monitored near water. If you have a pool, it’s advisable to install a safety fence around the outside.

Labrador Retriever with BarkBox sonny the rolly ghost ball

For those who live on land with ponds, lakes, or other bodies of water that can’t be fenced in, keep in mind that kids aren’t the only little ones in need of swimming lessons. While you may want to restrain your new puppy from jumping in, it’s still important to introduce them to water so they don’t become overwhelmed in case of an accidental overboard.

Provide Activities And Distractions

As puppies age, the simple act of chasing leaves or climbing porch steps may not keep their energetic minds occupied while outside. Puppies can be kept busy in the yard by practicing training exercises, playing new games, or socializing with other puppies or friendly dogs. Yet, for the times when you’re only able to monitor instead of engage, consider investing in a range of puppy chew toys. By fulfilling your pup’s chewing instinct with interesting products, they’re far less likely to get into trouble.

Puppy In BarkBox Toys

Very young pups will be entertained (and soothed) by BARK’s soft and fluffy Buy Viagra 25 mg in Denton Texas Once puppies start teething though, they’ll be looking towards sticks, stones, and your patio furniture for relief. Thus, it’s always best to keep a basket of durable chew toys around, such as BARK’s Buy Viagra 25 mg in Denver Colorado toys. Made from rubber, nylon, or a blend of both, these toys keep busy mouths occupied for hours on end. BARK also ramps up the desirability of their durable toys by creating lots of unique textures and shapes, in addition to adding squeakers.

Older pups will also enjoy BARK’s Buy Viagra 25 mg in Cary North Carolina. With ropes, plush animals, balls, and lots of designs to choose from, these toys are great for dogs playing alone or together. Furthermore, BARK’s Buy Viagra 25 mg in Detroit Michigan will also prevent puppies from investigating the garbage cans or gnawing on the garden hose. Although wee ones may be too uncoordinated to make use of the more complex toys, older puppies will benefit from the mental stimulation these safe and popular products provide.

Keep The Area Free Of Toxic Plants And Pesticides

All puppies are known to get their teeth on things they shouldn’t. But by spraying with pesticides, insecticides, or using fertilizer, your whole yard will become one big “do not touch” zone. Even if gardens or other landscaped spaces are fenced off, remember that chemical treatments can seep into the soil. Puppies may not be able to grab plants that have been treated, but pesticides and other products can still be inhaled or contacted through the sensitive skin on their paws.

Puppy With Big Ears

Additionally, before bringing your mini-Fido home, check the yard for potentially Buy Viagra 25 mg in Downey California. Common types of poisonous plants include nightshade, American yew, and other fast-spreading weeds or vines. By researching which types of toxic plants exist in your area and performing a search, you can prevent your pup from experiencing a breakout in hives, a bad bout of gastroenteritis, or worse.

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Buy Viagra 25 mg in El Paso Texas

New dog research abundant and accessible

It’s exciting how much scientific research is currently being done on the behavior of dogs and of other pets. Even better, so many of the new studies are accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The recent Buy Viagra 25 mg in Elk Grove California was an open online event put together by Buy Viagra 25 mg in Erie Pennsylvania—a free, open source, peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research on pet behavior and pet-human relationships. The conference was hosted by the University of Cordoba in Spain.

Looking at the conference proceedings, I realized that there are so many researcher names that are new to me, which is yet another indicator of the increase in interest in the area of pet behavior. A whole new generation of scientists is exploring the behavior of our best friends to the benefit of us all.

Alcohol Tolerance in Beer Yeast and BeerSmith 3

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Fairfield California

Some brewers don’t realize that beer yeast, like all yeast has a limited alcohol tolerance.  In fact many some beer yeasts reach their limit below 8% ABV which can be a real problem for high gravity beers.

Buy Viagra 25 mg in Hampton Virginia, Buy Viagra in Rochester Minnesota

Yeast is a one cell living creature.  As such it can only reproduce and grow within certain conditions.  One of those conditions includes the presence of alcohol.  Each yeast strain has a limit, called the yeast’s “alcohol tolerance” that indicates the level at which yeast cells start to go dormant and stop fermenting.  By convention, the alcohol tolerance is expressed as a percent Alcohol by Volume (%ABV).  Most major yeast suppliers do provide alcohol tolerance numbers for their yeast strains, though you may have to dive deep into the spec sheet to find it.

Alcohol tolerance varies depending on the type and specific strain of yeast. Most beer yeasts fall into the 8-12% ABV range for alcohol tolerance, though some English ale yeasts go as low as 7% and some high gravity Belgian and ale yeasts can tolerate 15%. Wine yeasts generally have an alcohol tolerance between 14-18%, though some specialty wine and Champagne yeasts can reach as high as 21% alcohol.

Alcohol tolerance is not a fixed number, as there is some variation depending on yeast strain, yeast health, nutrients and sugar available and other factors.  However fermentation will start to slow considerably as a yeast approaches its alcohol tolerance level and will stop completely within a percent or two of the published number for most strains. This can be a real problem if you brew a high gravity beer with a low tolerance yeast strain, as the result will be a very high finishing gravity and overly sweet beer.

The fact that yeasts stop at a certain point is widely used in beverages like sweet and fruit meads where you want residual sugar in the finished mead.  Some mead makers accomplish this by using a very high starting gravity with a known yeast, so that the yeast reaches its alcohol limit before all of the honey is consumed leaving a high finishing gravity and residual sweetness in the mead.  The same can be done with fruit beers and dessert wines to create a beverage with residual sweetness to accent the fruit.

Alcohol Tolerance and ABV in BeerSmith 3

With the version 3.0 release of BeerSmith, the software now recognizes and uses the ABV limits of various yeast strains.  Each yeast strain in the program now has an alcohol tolerance field you can display and edit that is also used to estimate final gravity and ABV.

For most of the major yeast producers the BeerSmith 3 yeast database has the alcohol tolerance already populated under Ingredient->Yeast.  If you build a new recipe in BeerSmith 3 it will use this number to estimate the final gravity, so if your final gravity seems very high on your high gravity beer you may want to examine the yeast strain used.

Also because the alcohol tolerance field did not exist in BeerSmith 2 some users have run into problems importing recipes from BeerSmith 2.  In this case the program will set the alcohol tolerance to an “average” rate of 10% for your yeast imports, but this can create problems for older recipes.  If you are building or editing an older BeerSmith 2 recipe, and the ABV won’t go above 10% then this is most likely the cause and you need to either edit the details of the yeast strain you are using in the recipe or select a new yeast strain from the BeerSmith 3 list to get the updated data.

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How Do  I Hire a Pet Sitter for My Dog?

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Your bags are packed and you’re ready to go! But wait, who’s going to take care of your dog when you’re traveling? If you can’t lasso a friend or relative to pet sit your pup, you can either hire a pet sitter or board your dog. Which option works best for you depends upon your dog’s temperament, health, personality, and of course your budget.

In-Depth Overview on How to Board Your Dog or Hire a Pet Sitter

Pet Boarding

If you’re going to board your dog, check to see if the pet hotel or kennel is a member of these professional organizations: PACCC (Buy Viagra 25 mg in Grand Rapids Michigan), OPCLC (Buy Viagra 25 mg in Green Bay Wisconsin formerly American Boarding Kennel Association), or IBSPA (Buy Viagra 25 mg in Greensboro North Carolina). These organizations offer classes and certifications in pet care. Ask the organizations what vaccinations they require for boarding. Specifically ask if they require Buy Viagra 25 mg in Gresham Oregon (Bordetella) inoculations, if they don’t, move on. You don’t need your dog to pick up a cold when you’re gone.

Ask the pet hotel, boarding facility, kennel or doggy daycare if you can bring your dog’s pet bed and toys to make your dog feel comfortable. Check out the boarding facility and kennels indoor and outdoor play areas. Ask them about ventilation and how often are the play areas cleaned.

Pet Sitting in Your Home

You may decide that dragging dog, dog food, pet bed and toys is too much work, do the pet sitter route instead. Pet sitting has two options: scheduled drop-in visits, or a pet sitter who temporarily lives in your home. If you’re nervous about hosting a stranger in your home, you may want to have them drop in for walks and feeding. Dogs that don’t need a lot of attention—elderly dogs, calm, placid dogs who don’t get into mischief, i.e. destroying property or barking incessantly when alone can handle being alone for long periods of time. Having a pet sitter in your home ensures that your dog has company during the day and night, your house is safer because there’s someone watching over it, and if there’s an emergency; either with your pet or your home, the pet sitter can become your superhero taking care of it in seconds.

How to Choose a Pet Sitter

You might be lulled into thinking that getting a pet sitter’s as easy as ordering delivery. After all, when you open an app or check out a website (Rover, Wag!), there’s tons of sitters looking like they’re saying, “Pick me! Pick me!” You do want the perfect fit for your pup, so take time to interview and meet sitters before you click that “Book Now” button. After all, you’re entrusting your furbaby into someone’s care. You want to make sure that your pet, and you like and trust your pet sitter. A bad pick is like an extended bad blind date, and no one wants that!

Agencies and apps/sites have insurance. Rover has the Rover Guarantee. If you’re booking an individual, find out if they have insurance and/or bonded.

Here’s a list of dos and don’ts to follow when interviewing a pet sitter:


    -Pay attention to the time of day when contacting potential pet sitters. Rover and Wag! sends emails and texts directly to the sitters’ phones the moment you click send. If you hate getting calls/ texts from strangers at weird hours of the day or night, they do too.
    -Read profiles and reviews of potential pet sitters. Some pet sitters only work with certain types of dogs, some pet sitters won’t take care of pets with special needs or medical issues. Take your time to get a feel of what your pup needs when you’re away.
    -Send lots of information in your initial email. Where you live (neighborhood is fine), what your dog is like: friendly, anxious, calm, aggressive, picky eater, how many walks a day, what you expect from a pet sitter and any special issues.
    -If you’re contacting more than one pet sitter, be upfront with the potential sitters. If you have an email exchange with a couple of pet sitters and have narrowed down the search, let the other pet sitters know, politely of course, that you won’t be using them. If you need a pet sitter again, and re-contact the sitters you’ve ghosted, they may not email you back because they think you’re a flake.

    -Set up a meet and greet in your home. While you may be tempted to meet the potential sitter at a dog park or on the street, you don’t want your dog distracted by other dogs if you’re trying to see if the pet sitter and dog like each other. If you’re nervous about meeting a stranger in your home, have a friend sit with you during the meet and greet.
    -Create a list of questions before the meeting. Some questions you may ask are, “How long have you pet sat?” “Have you ever had a medical emergency during a pet sit, and how did you handle it?” “Why do you pet sit?” An experienced pet sitter will more than likely bring up that information, but if they don’t, ask them!
    -Block out at least an hour for a meet and greet. Not only do you want to ask the pet sitter that list of questions you’ve prepped, you want to see how your pet and the sitter interact. If your intuition tells you “Nope!” keep interviewing until you’ve found the perfect match. This is an important meeting, don’t rush it!
    -Be respectful towards the pet sitter. Your pet sitter could be someone who works remotely, and they love to be surrounded by dogs. They could be a college student who misses their own pup. They could be retirees who want to be useful and adore dogs. They could be people who feel that pet sitting is their calling.
    -Let the sitter know what time you you’re leaving and returning.
    -If you’re planning on Skyping with your dog, or want video and photo updates daily, ask the pet sitter if they provide that service.
    -Go over house rules; is the dog allowed on furniture, does your dog sleep on the bed, or not. When going over house rules, ask if the pet sitter minds sharing the bed with the dog.

    -Ask the pet sitter to accompany you on a short walk with you and your dog. During the walk, point out their favorite trees, what streets to avoid (if any), and if they have a special walk routine.


    -Play down or lie about on any medical issues your pet may have. If your pup needs intravenous medication daily, is on lots of meds and/or reacts badly when getting those meds, or has any type of medical issue that would be better treated by a vet tech, hire a vet tech or board your dog at the vet’s office. Lying about medical issues or downplaying them to potential sitters can only cause a disaster.
    -Don’t tell the sitter that your dog is “reactive,” if they are, in fact, aggressive. If your dog has tried to attack other dogs when you’re walking them, let them know what they’re in during the pet sit.
    -If your dog bites or nips strangers, tell them in the introductory email. The last thing you want is a potential pet sitter to walk out of a meet and greet after your dog’s attempted to bite them.
    -If you have cameras or nanny cams in the house, let the pet sitter know ahead of time. Yes, you want to make sure your pet is safe. However, if the pet sitter is walking around in a bathrobe or less, and then finds out you’ve filmed them, you could get into legal trouble.

    -Don’t be rude. You’re hiring someone to take care of your dog. Acting as if the pet sitter is either “less than,” or stupid, is not a way to get or keep a pet sitter.
    -Don’t make unnecessary demands; don’t expect the pet sitter to clean your house top-to-bottom, run errands for you, or act as a personal assistant. If you’re going away for more than a weekend, more than likely, the pet sitter will, on their own, clean the house before you come home. After all, they’ve lived in your home for a week or more. If you expect them to do more than take care of the dog, tell them during the meet and greet. Offer to pay more for those services. If you’re not going to pay more for extra work, do not expect them to do it.
    After booking your sitter, meet with them again to go over where they can find treats, poop bags, and of course pots and pans in your home. If they’re going to be sleeping on an airbed, show them where it is. When you leave, print out important information that includes walk and meal times, vet’s name and number and anything else that’s needed. If there’s an emergency and time is of the essence, having that information right in front of the sitter could save your pet’s life.

If you’ll be gone from home for two weeks or longer, or if you’re using the same sitter for a series of trips, tip them. Agencies, apps, and websites take a cut, anywhere from 20% on up for pet sitting bookings. If you appreciate your sitter, show them. The kinder you are to them, the kinder they’ll be with you, and will happily work with you on last-minute emergencies.

After You’re Back From Your Trip:

If you were happy with your pet sitter, leave a review. Reviews are currency in this industry. If your pet sitter did a great job, let the world know!

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