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In October of 2003, I launched the very first version of BeerSmith. This month we’ve reached our 15 year anniversary! To celebrate, we’re having a sale on all BeerSmith 3 desktop packages. If you have not yet upgraded to BeerSmith 3, this is your chance to get BeerSmith 3 desktop at our very lowest price Gold licenses start as low as $9.95/year, and the non-subscription basic option is also on sale. The sale ends 31 October 2018.

Get BeerSmith 3 on Sale!

BeerSmith 3 Sale – Our Best Price Ever!

We launched BeerSmith 3 desktop back in June and added a ton of new features including integrated water tools, better whirlpool hop support and support for mead, wine and cider plus cloud folders and much more. Since it was launched in the summer season, many brewers missed the chance to upgrade during our discounted upgrade period.

So today, we celebrate our 15th anniversary by offering the same “introductory” discount on BeerSmith with 20-33% off all packages. This includes the “basic” non-subscription option which is similar to the BeerSmith 2 license terms as well as our Gold and above packages which offer additional cloud space.

If you have not upgraded to BeerSmith 3 yet, you can download the trial version today and give it a try, but be sure to purchase your upgrade by halloween, as we’ll be ending the sale at midnight (11:59 pm Eastern time) on 31 October 2018.

Thanks again for all of your support these last 15 years!

Brad Smith