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Does your pup have a case of bad breath that could wake the dead? While even the stinkiest-mouthed dogs deserve our unconditional love, there’s no need to suffer: doggie breath can be remedied with specialized treats. With so many options to choose from, it’s important to not only find a safe and healthy product that’s effective in the fight against odor, but also a treat that your pup will actually enjoy chomping on. You’ll reap the benefits of fresh-smelling kisses, and your dog will simply assume they’ve been extra good today!

With those requirements in mind, here are the 10 best dog treats for bad breath!

BARK Dental Chew

Terrier mixed breed dog eating Bark dental chew

This savory chicken-flavored dental chew is beloved by dogs everywhere. Its bumps and grooves mirror the shape of a toothbrush and clean the spaces between your dog’s teeth. This action decreases harmful plaque and tartar, which can contribute to funky smelling-breath. Luckily, the chews are also sold in a 10-pack, making it easier to always have them on hand. ($3 for one or $24.30 for ten.)

Merrick Fresh Kisses

Featuring an innovative “double brush” shape, these semi-soft savory chews come in two flavors: one that specifically targets stinky mouths, and another that’s better for cleaning teeth. Both contain mint oil, but the bad breath-eradicating treat is more effective against odors due to its addition of coconut oil, rosemary, and lemongrass. ($8.49 for a 20-count bag.)

BARK Oral Health Supplements

BarkBox oral supplement for bad breath in dogs

These bite-sized treats are packed with safe and healthy ingredients that attack bad breath in multiple ways. An added Champignon Mushroom extract has been shown to suppress foul-smelling toxins in the intestines. Spirulina—a vitamin-packed microalgae—supports good oral and internal health. And cinnamon powder and parsley leave Fido with a fresh-smelling mouth. Plus, they’re chewy and chicken-flavored—a combination that all dogs love! ($12.60 for 70 chews.)

Isle of Dogs 100% Natural Breath Dog Treats

With its toffee extracts, parsley, yeast, flax seeds, dried milk, and organic fruits and vegetables, this treat is known to improve doggie breath caused by gum disease and other odor-causing issues. Due to the mild ingredients, this small crunchy treat is also a good choice for pups with sensitive stomachs. ($4.99 for a 12 oz. bag.)

Benebone Bacon Dental Chew

Doodle chewing bacon dental benebone

Humans everywhere will be jealous of this bacon-infused dental bone. Who knew that you could slobber over the flavors of fatty cured pork while also cleaning your pearly whites? The grooves of this double handle-shaped chew get in-between your dog’s teeth as they chew, thus leaving behind a fresher mouth. This product also contains safe and durable nylon, which makes it a great choice for vigorous chewers. ($9.90 for one.)

Zuke’s Enhance Fresh Breath Dog Chews

When trying to eradicate a serious case of doggie breath, these bite-sized chews do more than mask smells. While the second ingredient is real chicken, the chews also contain sage, dill, fennel, parsley, cinnamon and myrrh. These natural herbs target the gut, where bad odors often arise from. Simultaneously, the chews also might help soothe an irritated stomach. ($12.39 for a 5 oz. bag.)

BARK Stinky Kisses Bundle

BarkShop Stinky Kisses Bundle for Dogs with Bad Breath

This combination of bacon dental chews, chicken dental chews, and bark breath bites is the ultimate buy for outdoorsy dogs that tend to get into things that they shouldn’t. (Here’s looking at you, dirt diggers and worm eaters.) Each product included in the bundle not only supports oral health, but will also help clear up stinky doggie breath for days. ($36 for the entire bundle.)

Emerald Pet Chicky Twizzie

This adorably named treat is perfect for all pups, large and small. Its spiral shape targets plaque and tartar, and its hard-baked exterior will force the strongest of chewers to work for awhile. While many long-lasting chews can often cause long-lasting foul odors, the Chicky Twizzie is unique. Made with whole ingredients, there’s nothing like fresh breath and a fresh-smelling home. ($3 for one.)

Greenies Dental Chews

Greenies Dental Dog Treats for Bad Breath

Designed to look like chunky green toothbrushes, these well-known doggie dental chews are known for removing plaque and tartar that can cause bad breath. Coming in sizes ranging from “teenie” to large, the vitamin-packed chews’ mildly minty flavor also masks odors. Despite their popularity, it’s important to note that they do contain several unnatural ingredients and additives, unlike BarkShop’s similarly-shaped Dental Chew. ($8.99 for a 6 oz. bag.)

Old Mother Hubbard Fresh Breath Dog Snacks

If you’re in the habit of feeding your dog smelly foods like salmon or sardines, these small, crunchy snacks may be a welcome addition to your best friend’s daily routine. Although dogs will likely only focus on the fresh chicken and eggs baked into each treat, you’ll appreciate the odor-masking ingredients like fennel, spearmint, and parsley. ($6.32 for 20 oz. bag.)

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