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A busy dog is a happy dog! Aside from taking dogs for walks or runs, it’s good to find engaging activities to occupy their mind. This is especially important for smart working breeds that are excellent at tasks like the Border Collie, German Shepherd, and so on. But no matter the breed, every dog can benefit from mental stimulation on a regular basis to alleviate boredom and unhappiness.

Toys for The Highly-Intelligent Dog

Puzzle Toys are a great way to keep a highly-intelligent dog’s mind stimulated. For instance, Border Collies are energetic, natural herders who would need a toy that’s super challenging!

Thinker Puzzle Dog Toy BarkBox Casino Puzzle

Enter the “Dog Casino Puzzle.”  This is one of BARK’s more advanced puzzles and an excellent exercise for your dog’s mind. Basically, you hide treats in the drawers inside this toy, and it’s your dog’s job to twist the drawers open. Bonus points: it cleans up and packs easily for travel!

A Variety Of Toys For Versatility

Super Chewer BarkBox

For dogs like the all-purpose working German Shepherd, a Super Chewer subscription would be a great match. Each box comes with two tough toys, two full bags of treats, and two meaty chews to keep your dog occupied when they’re not acting as your personal bodyguard.

Less Intense Toys (That Still Do The Trick)

Pit Bull with BarkBox Super Chewer Toy Cal the Caterpillar

For less intense play time that still packs a punch, “Cal the Caterpillar is a good bet for an alert and friendly dog, such as the Papillion. Simply place treats or peanut butter inside the tough rubber for long-lasting fun that’ll keep your pup busy. Another similar option is one of our top-ranked toys the “Pawplexer” with a snazzy space in the center for a jerky or bully stick.

A Toy For High-Energy Dogs

Dachshund Wiener Dog With BarkBox Puzzle Toy Tornado

High-energy pups thrive off of lots of activity. For playful and energetic dogs like the Shetland Sheepdog, try the “Dog Tornado Puzzle” with multiple levels of pockets for hiding treats to exercise your dog’s mind. It’ll leave you wondering how you every lived without it!

But Wait, There’s More!

There are so many dog breeds and types of dogs out there, all of which are intelligent in their own way and all require a healthy dose of mental stimulation. You know your dog best and as long as you understand their needs as well as their personality, choosing toys for them can be fun! For more options, check out an array of Puzzle Toys that’ll hold your dog’s attention for hours.

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