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Introducing ProTap, the at-home refrigerated beverage dispenser that turns YOU into a professional bartender!

Why ProTap?

Do you wish you could do something different and fun at your next get-together with family and friends? The ProTap is perfect for taking your party to the next level. Imagine serving your friends cold drinks on tap right from your kitchen counter!

How it works:

Simply insert a standard growler, wine bottle, or one of many premixed beverages (margarita, mai tai, daiquiri, etc.) into the ProTap. Use one of our 6 included adaptors, chill, and you are ready to serve. ProTap uses CO2 pressure to dispense your beverage just like commercial bars. The CO2 also keeps your beer or wine fresh for 10 to 14 days. No more flat beer or wasted wine- hooray!

Why is ProTap superior?

ProTap will dispense almost any cold beverage. You would need to buy multiple machines to do what the ProTap can do. There is no need to purchase additional supplies. The 6 included adaptors each fit a different container which cover a majority of the bottles on the market.

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