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Sean Paxton joins me this week to talk about beer and food pairings including hot sauce, BBQ and beer flavors in food.

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Topics in This Week’s Episode (43:40)

  • Today my guest is Sean Paxton, AKA “The Homebrew Chef”. Sean is a professional chef and expert in food-beer pairings and he has a large food-beer recipe site at
  • We start with a discussion of the many new projects Sean has been working on.
  • He spends a few minutes talking about hot sauce, mole and how hot sauce and hot foods pair with beer.
  • We discuss another hot sauce “Yellow Thai Racer” and how it is different than the mole sauce. We also talk about food pairings.
  • Sean shares some of his new projects including the upcoming “pepper festival”.
  • We talk about a documentary he’s been working on
  • Sean spends a few minutes talking about his beer-food recipe site at
  • We finish with a discussion on BBQ and pairing picnic foods.


Thanks to Robert Keifer for appearing on the show and also to you for listening!
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